AT&T’s SVP of Emerging Devices Chis Penroseannounced today at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference that the carrier is introducing a new $5 a day plan for tablet users. Available for your 3G and LTE iPads (and other AT&T compatible tablets of course), AT&T’s $5 data pass will offer a cheaper alternative to expensive hotel WiFi for travellers and others that only need a day or two worth of data.

The plan will give users 250MB a day and AT&T says it will make it easy for customers to purchase the data sessions online directly on their iPad. The carrier is also offering a new plan for tablet users that offers 1GB over three months for $25.

The new plan is of course in addition to the $10/month option to add a tablet to Mobile Share plans and the 30-day 250MB DataConnect Pass for $14.99 that AT&T already offers.

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9 Responses to “AT&T announces $5/day 250MB data pass for iPad users”

  1. shareef777 says:

    More ways for ATT to milk their customers!


  2. I guess its an “OK” option if you’re in a pinch… but a cap at 250mb is kind of ridiculous. They should make it unlimited! If you used it 6 days it would be a better deal to get the $30 plan w/ 3 gigs as its 100mb for every dollar while this per day plan is only 50mb per dollar. Plus with the monthly plan you can use it anytime during the month and use more than 250mb on a single day…

    Make it unlimited and I’d be interested. Plus that $10 a day wifi at the hotel is uncapped!


  3. Rigor Mortis says:

    maybe this is a bribe. in 2014 they have to give $20 a month discounts to ipad owners who never signed up to a data plan and signing up for this plan may disqualify you as being part of the class action settlement.


  4. Cory Landers says:

    5 bucks a day…rip off. I really like the pre-paid data they have in Europe. You can buy a pe-paid data sime for 15 euro…..when you use all the data up you buy a new one. I hate that everything is based on time instead of usage here.


  5. yuniverse7 says:

    250MB for iPad? and $5 at that? Thanks AT&T


  6. Chuck Morton says:

    What a frickin’ joke. AT&T can bite me.


  7. Dan Mitchell says:

    It sure is expensive in the US to buy data ! Here in UK I can buy a pre-loaded sim giving me 12G of data for up to 12 months, for around $96. Now I make that a possible 33MB/day for 26 cents !

    Which looks like 250MB for $2


  8. That’s just offensively expensive. I have a feeling the government will step in soon and force carriers to sell data at more reasonable prices.


  9. Rob Dack says:

    I expect that although they say this will work well for travelers it really won’t. The stupid thing about AT&T is that if you don’t live in the US you have always had a hard time buying time from AT&T. Since the US banking system is a decade behind the rest of the world if you don’t have a Zipcode or you are persona non grata. At AT&T I buy the sim at their store but then I can’t activate it because I don’t have a zipcode to use with my foreign credit card on their website. Compare this with the UK, where I walk into an apple store and buy a sim loaded with 1GB of data good for 30 days for 5 pounds. Of course you can’t buy a subway ticket from a machine in New York for the same reason.