BlackBerry revealed via the official BBM Twitter account that in the first eight hours since launching BBM for iPhone and Android, the app has been downloaded over by over 5 million customers across both platforms. The app is also now the #1 free app on the iTunes App Store.

That number could actually be much higher, as the 5 million applies only to the number of users whose accounts have been activated for use. BlackBerry did not specify how many more users were still waiting to be activated, if any.

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4 Responses to “BlackBerry announces 5 million downloads of BBM for iOS and Android only 8 hours after release”

  1. Would have been 15 Milliom + 2 or so years ago, but still thats awesome! Can someone clarify though ? Were they not just bought out by fairfax ?


    • I don’t think they would have seen faster uptake 2 years ago, They have 20 million more BBM users today than they did 2 years ago promoting the app to their friends. AND socialmedia plays a much larger roll in advertising and moving apps than it did 2 years ago.

      Also Fairfax is only 1 of 3 (maybe 4) now people with NDA’s and potential bids going on, Nothing is known until November 4th.

      Regardless of who buys BlackBerry if they take them private, or strip them for sale, BBM, and BES are 2 products that have enough traction, potential and capabilities that they will continue being used/developed by who ever buys them.

      It is BlackBerry 10 OS, and BlackBerry Hardware that people worry about what will happen with what ever transaction comes from the move private or company sale.


  2. Dave West says:

    How can I transfer files from iOS to Android?


  3. grandstyl says:

    Pls when will it be in the App Store for Africa