Since Apple first unveiled its new MFi game controller framework at WWDC earlier this year, we’ve already got a look at a couple controllers hitting the market in the near future from both Logitech and ClamCase. One of the other companies that Apple mentioned at WWDC was Moga, and today we get a look at what might be the first press shot for the company’s upcoming MFi controller dubbed “MOGA Ace Power” (via Evleaks). A second image below shows the controller when in “closed” mode without an iPhone docked:


We don’t get many details about the controller above, but judging by the configuration and the fact that Apple already announced Moga was working on a controller, it’s a pretty good chance we’re indeed looking at the company’s upcoming MFi controller. Like some of Moga’s current controller products, the Ace Power will apparently sport a 1800mAh battery that will charge your device while docked in the controller. 

Apple will offer 2 types of game controllers through its MFi program and two configurations all with pressure sensitive buttons and consistent layouts. The first type of controller is the form-fitting controller (much like the Moga controller above), which allows your iOS device to be docked right into the controller. The second will be a standalone controller that connects over Bluetooth. Apple will also offer an “Extended” configuration will add an extra set of left and right shoulder buttons and thumbsticks in addition to what’s on the standard gamepads.

There are bound to be many developers working on integrating MFi controller support into their games. At WWDC Crytek showed off its upcoming iOS game called ‘The Collectibles’ that will utilize Apple’s new MFi controllers when released later this year.

Update: One more group shot from Evleaks posted below:


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8 Responses to “First look at Moga’s upcoming “Ace Power” MFi iOS game controller w/ built-in 1800mAh battery”

  1. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    Does that controller have analog slider buttons like the PSP has?


  2. There’s a whole category of games, which is currently not playable on iOS because of the control interface.

    Controllers suddenly make all of those titles possible.


  3. stickyicky97 says:

    This looks awesome. Maybe I’ll finally be able to play games like Modern Combat on my iPad and iPhone. There are many great looking non-casual games on iOS, but they are too difficult to play with touch and virtual controls. About time!


  4. Edgar Vigdal says:

    My new game for iPhone/iPad “Dots Adventures” is already compatible with MFi iOS controllers and iCade controllers. It’s a free retro style platformer game.