UPDATE: It looks like ABC removed the video from YouTube and Hulu. Maybe Sony wasn’t too pleased with the poor product placement?

UPDATE 2: There’s currently another version of the video below the fold.. for now. 

UPDATE 3: Alas, ABC has made the clip public again, but notably without the ending. See the video in its entirety below.

Five year old genius Arden Hayes would make Steve Jobs proud.

Not only can he hold his own when discussing United States politics and world geography, but Hayes proved his Real Genius when offered a free Sony Xperia tablet during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

“Well you could just give it away because we’re just planning to get an iPad for Christmas.”

Well, you heard it from the kid genius himself, folks. I suppose that answers NMA’s question of who still cares about the new iPad Air: geniuses!

Maybe he should review the Nexus 5.

The fun starts around 5 minutes into the clip.

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16 Responses to “Five year old genius proves wise beyond his years, disses free Sony tablet for iPad [Video] (Updated)”

  1. MusicalComputerGeek says:

    Somebody give that kid a cookie.


  2. NMAWorldEdition is just a joke…


  3. beta382 says:

    I can’t believe this is news. Saying that he “proved his real genius” by offering his opinion on a tablet is stupid. Articles (like this one) that attempt to make a point from someone’s comments on TV perfectly illustrate the fall of quality news. Articles like this belong in tabloids.

    That being said, I totally agree that the iPad is a superior tablet.


    • Zac Hall says:

      Relax guy.


    • Um … he’s a 5 year old who clearly knows a sh*t lot more than you do about the real world. And YOU are commenting on this article with what you just did? This is clearly just a heart warmer story showing how smart a 5 year old can be, and at the end, shows a touch of comedy related to the new iPad. Get a life man .. seriously.


      • Zac Hall says:



      • I think the idea was that he could have gave up the iPad as he already had a Sony for free but he preferred to get the paid iPad over a free Sony tablet. His level of intelligence has nothing to do with his choice. The iPad will be No. 1 on kids and teens wish list this Christmas. And to be honest it is good as iPad has better education Apps and Books including iTunes U over any Android/Windows tablet.


      • So he’s a genius because he chose an iPad..? “Wise beyond his years”? Who writes this crap?


      • @Joseph: He’s a genius because he presumably knows a lot… at the very least he has a pretty epic memory as displayed by his knowledge of geography in the video.

        The bit about the iPad is just funny. God forbid a website called “9to5Mac” would dare to jokingly say that he proves his genius by turning down a free Sony tablet because he’s getting an iPad.

        The kid is obviously way smarter than the average 5 year old, so to say he is wise beyond his years isn’t inaccurate… but any implication that he is a genius because he likes the iPad is just as obviously meant to be humorous.


    • It’s not a ‘news’ site, genius. 9to5Mac isn’t freaking CNN. Get over yourself.


  4. david0296 says:

    OMG… that was hilarious. Apple should buy the rights to use this in a commercial. That kid is adorable and funny.


  5. Jimmy assumes he didn’t want anything then the kid was like “No no, I’ll take the puzzle. Those are cool.” lol