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For this upcoming holiday season, Apple will be celebrating with a front Apple Store window display that several Apple Retail employees have described as spectacular. A photo of the display, sent in by a source, is above. The display highlights both the iPad Air and iPhone 5c and is made up of several LED lights shaped into snow flakes. The design is simple, but unique and impressive…

The displays will begin going up in many countries across the world later this week, and they will remain up until early January. News of the new front window display was shared at Apple’s quarterly meetings this past weekend. Also at this meeting, employees were surprised about this year’s holiday gift: $10 off of a $50 iTunes card (one card per employee).

A few more images of the window display from Apple’s Fashion Show Las Vegas store (Thanks Zach):

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3 Responses to “Apple Stores to celebrate holidays with magical front window display”

  1. alesiom says:

    the upper picture is not a photo. Share a real picture please


  2. mjschriner says:

    You can actually buy many of the Apple store displays at newMacgadgets. Mostly the counter-top acrylic bases and stands. I gave some as gifts last Christmas.


  3. Stop

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