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Ahead of the next-generation Mac Pro launch later this month, Apple has begun selling Sharp’s 32-inch 4K HD LED Monitor via its online store. The pricy display, which we lusted after during a hands-on earlier this year, has a 32-inch diagonal panel at a resolution of 3840 x 2160. (you can currently pick this up at retailers like B&H in the US  or Amazon where it retails for $3200-3300 – price drops in cart).

With its 32-inch class (31.5-inch diagonal) screen size, 3840 x 2160 high definition resolution and energy efficient edge-lit LED backlight, the Sharp PN-K321 monitor is ideal for professional applications where it’s essential to view detailed information displayed with precision. This super-high resolution display allows you to view the content of four full HD screens on a single seamless display. It also features IGZO* technology, which supports increased pixel transparency and reduced current leakage, thereby making the monitor more energy efficient.

The recent MacBook Pro with Retina display models can drive a single 4K display, while the upcoming Mac Pro can support up to three 4K monitors. Sources say that Apple Stores in the United States will have these monitors available for order in the coming months.

It’s likely that Apple is selling this Sharp unit just to give new Mac Pro users something to use until its own 4K display, which is floating around the Cupertino labs, is ready to ship…

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8 Responses to “Apple selling 4K Sharp 32-inch displays via international online stores”

  1. Derek Gaston says:

    I have a 32″ 4k screen hooked up to a BEEFY box (it includes a Quadro K6000 and 256GB of RAM among other awesome things like a TB of solid state hooked directly into PCIE) for scientific visualization (running Linux)…. And I gotta say that monitor is AWESOME!

    Really looking forward to a couple of these replacing my 3×30″ setup I currently have on my Mac Pro!


  2. Really cool :) Can’t wait tip 4K displays and videos become more affordable >.< just too expensive for the average consumer now. I imagine 4K is a godsend to pro's editing 1080p video.


    • PMZanetti says:

      How is that? Why would anyone editing 1080p, for view on other 1080p, want to edit on anything besides 1080p? Pixel for pixel accuracy for the eye to judge is the best way, not scaled up to fill a 4K display, or shown small at “actual” size.


      • Because you can have your entire project 1:1 pixel mapped in one corner of the screen with all of your tools and the time line taking up the rest of it. You then just use a 1080p reference monitor for the playback.


      • Are you serious? Most editors do multi cam / multi streams — with a 4K monitor you can see all the camera streams since there is more space, and with better clarity. Do you edit at all? Just asking…it seems like you don’t…


  3. Peter Gamble says:

    Matte. Finally!!! Great.


  4. I’m waiting for HDMI 2.0. MST Display port is broken in Mavericks…I don’t see why Apple is even selling these, you can not run a 4K monitor at 60 Hz on Mac OS X…..


  5. its gone now! Does anybody know why?