As part of a initiative to get people started with programming, U.S. Apple Stores are offering a free one-hour computer science workshop aimed at children and teens. The workshops take place in Apple retail stores on Wednesday 11th December.

It’s a one-hour introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anyone can learn the basics of programming. “The ability to code and understand the power of computing is crucial to success in today’s hyper-connected world,” says former Vice President Al Gore. Apple Retail Stores will host one-hour workshops for children and teens throughout the United States on Dec. 11 … 

You can reserve a place by using the store locator to find your nearest Apple Store, then scrolling down to the Upcoming Store Events and Workshops listing (you’ll likely have to hit the More link a couple of times).

The goal of the Hour of Code initiative is to get ten million students to have a one-hour introduction to coding. Watch the video below to find out more.

Via The Loop

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6 Responses to “Apple offers free 1-hour computer science workshops for kids & teens”

  1. weakguy says:

    Awesome! I wonder if there is an age restriction. Technically I’m still a teenager, so…


  2. Anyone know if there is an age requirement? My son is really interested in learning to develop, but he is only 5. Also, when I try to reserve I get caught in some kind of loop…


  3. I have tried to register, but I do not see the specified workshop, is it under a different name? or where exactly is it?


  4. Gregg Mojica says:

    That’s fantastic – as a software developer, I think it’s incredible how kid are learning to code. This is an amazing initiative. Way to go, Apple!


  5. rafterman11 says:

    Or, as Apple considers them internally, “future customers”.