Apple has added a couple of new channels to the Apple TV for UK users. The addition of Sky Sports (provide through Now TV) makes live sports available to UK owners of Apple TV for the first time without the need for a cable subscription. Users can buy £9.99 day passes and get unlimited access to all six Sky Sports channels encompassing the Barclays Premier League football matches, cricket, F1 racing and more.

Now TV and Sky Sports are both owned by the same parent company BSkyB, which makes this deal possibly. Compared to a monthly cable subscription, the day-pass option is not cost-effective but it may be enticing to some people who only want to watch certain events across the year.

Thanks Henry

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5 Responses to “Apple adds Sky Sports to Apple TV for UK users”

  1. Shaun G says:

    Got excited for a moment there until I realised it was just a link to their ridiculously expensive day pass. I was hoping they’d added a link to Sky Go or the Sky Sports Monthly Ticket.


  2. Still causing people to embrace piracy I see.


  3. Well I suppose it’s a start for specific UK content. Just give us iPlayer / ITV Player / 4oD / Channel 5 please !


  4. It’s NOW TV, owned by Sky. Only available if you actually pay the daily price, would have been better if they put Sky Go or Sky News/Sky Sports News on. When are they going to add BBC iPlayer, ITV, 4OD and Channel 5 here in the UK?!


  5. Sky Now is ridiculously priced package £9.99 for a day I don’t know who would pay for this Sky should be ashamed.