There’s been no shortage of debate regarding Apple’s latest holiday commercial as some have found it inspiring and emotional as others find it ridiculous and lacking a clear message. There will be debate in the coming weeks over Apple’s intentions with the message and whether or not they succeeded in tugging at our heartstrings. That being said, Apple looks like a gem, an angel, a bright light on a dark road compared to Nokia’s newest ad for the Lumia 2520. It’s true that Apple may have paused its traditional product-first advertising angle and replaced it with an arguably emotional holiday spot for the iPhone 5s, but it works leaps and bounds better than Nokia’s latest embarrassing excuse for advertising.

So here’s where I’ll warn you not to watch the commercial but ask you to do so anyway. Ok, now that you’ve managed to lose two minutes and 13 seconds of your life that you’ll never get back, can we all agree that Apple’s latest ad is amazing, inspiring and fantastic?

Microsoft and Nokia need to fire and I mean fire immediately every single marketing partner they have, both US and internationally. This is the most inane, ridiculous marketing spot I have ever seen. Somehow a guy touches a tablet and grows a mullet? How this makes me want to buy the Lumia 2520 instead of running from it like Rick runs from his leadership role on the Walking Dead is beyond comprehension.

That’s it, I’m dropping the mic and walking out of the room and reminding everyone the world over that while Apple’s latest ad may be imperfect depending on your interpretation, it’s a world apart from Nokia and we should be incredibly thankful for that.

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14 Responses to “Comparing the newest Apple, Nokia marketing spots makes us weep for humanity”

  1. Wow-that was really pretty awful. I am not a huge Apple. Vs. MS person but really, it’s insultingly stupid and makes me think they (Nokia, MS, whoever) think we’re all morons and this mindless ad will cause us to part ways with our cash.

    I do own an iPad. And I actually use it. But I never bought it because I thought it would make me “cool”. That’s the path this ad goes down. Don’t get how a thing makes a person “cool”.


    • Erhm, I don’t think the point of Apple’s ad is that the boy is “cool” because he has an iPhone? I think the point is that he loves his family and cherishes their time together – which is revealed when he shows his family the iMovie he’s been working on. But yeah, declaring your love for your family is pretty cool, I guess.


    • jack – you “misunderstood” the narrative of the Apple ad. it’s showing the kid burying his nose in his phone, seemingly cut off from his family. then at the end he reveals he’s actually been compiling and producing a gift for them all to treasure for a lifetime. thus, he was Misunderstood. none of this has anything to do w/ making you “cool”.

      take the blinders off.


  2. Well clearly that ad was not intended to sell the product. The ad agency won the account, realized that the corporates who hired them were incredible idiots, and they decided to do an art project with the budget hey were given. It is a really interesting short film. Production levels are high and bizarre almost avant garde stuff is going on. And to top it off there is a little homo eroticism going on. It is a good film. It just won’t help sell any product. And it isn’t intended to do that.


    • agreed, it is a good short narrative. whether that makes for a more effective sales tool is another question…but since it does have us here talking about Nokia on several websites, an argument could be made for “Yes, it does.”


  3. That’s a nice funny-weird clip, obviously of Caro/Jeunet inspiration, trying to captivate your attention and make you remember the product by remembering the ad. Now, what is shown on the tablet seems a bit too random (“hmmm I’ll nudge this text a bit to the left”) and I don’t know why anyone would want their product be associated with the mullet, but I like the effort put into the cinematography.

    Now, in Apple’s ad I had at first no Idea what was going on, who was supposed to be doing what, why I should care, I had to see it again after reading that I was supposed to notice the kid with his iPhone and that it was then the movie he made… Well now that I now, I can relate to that, but the clip was a bit confusing to me.


    • my family didn’t have that problem — it was clear the kid appeared to be a anti-social techie buried in his phone, then surprised them all w/ his thoughtfulness and love. my mom and girlfriend stopped talking to watch the ad. afterward they commented on what a nice ad it was.


  4. Barnes Dave says:

    A mullet! What were they thinking?


  5. Between Nokia and Samsung, Blackberry is looking like they have a clue.


  6. One nice thing about the Apple commercial is that it feels real.


  7. Look at Nokia and the incredibly stupid Samsung commercial for the Note+ Gear– pick up chicks with your huge watch– and wonder what message is being spread. The Samsung ad is back to the car ad: “buy one of our big cars and get a woman like the one in the commercial” works if it’s subtle, but not if you make a whole commercial out of a “How to make chicks like you” stalking how-to. This, where the whole idiotic plot is based on a way to repeat the stupid slogan, and otherwise bears no resemblance to reality. The Apple commercial is about a young kid whose parents might think he’s withdrawing from the family, but the payoff is that he’s made a very nice movie and shows it on Airplay. A real story, people!!! That’s what an effective ad is!


  8. That’s not even a proper mullet.. not to mention not making any sense. Fire them immediately.


  9. Kyle Harr says:

    Nokia is obviously trying to make the connection that their tablet is for both work and play (cf. the mullet: business in front, party out back). Apart from that, I have no clue what they were thinking.