We’ve seen Apple’s new iBeacon technology in use at several retail stores and events here in North America— Apple Stores, Macy’s, CES, MLB— but adoption of the new Bluetooth low power technology has been slower overseas. Beaconic aims to change that with a new iBeacon Retail Kit that will make it easier for businesses in Europe to deploy the technology. The concept of iBeacons is simple: As you walk around retail stores or other locations, your iOS device will communicate with iBeacons in proximity and display notifications, promotions, payment options, or other info setup by whoever deployed the nearby beacons. Beaconic’s new Retail Kit will make it easier for small businesses to get setup and track usage, and its software is available in several languages:

To help retailers quickly adapt to this industry development, the Beaconic Retail Kit includes all the key components of this technology: two (or more) 4.0 bluetooth iBeacons with two-year battery life and 60-meter range, an easy online campaign manager, iOS compatibility and a planned Android app… To boost both engagement and conversion, their sophisticated platform can handle detailed campaigns like countdown-based offers or rewards for Facebook connections. Retailers will also gain insight on buyer behavior by tracking how many visitors redeem the offers and rewards. The out-of-the-box kits do not require technical knowledge, but do offer frameworks for companies who want to go even further with their software development kit.

Not only does Beaconic want to be the first to market in Europe, it’s also planning to roll out its software in multiple languages including specific versions for France, Spain and Germany.

The Retail Kit with two beacons is available to order now in Europe (and the US) starting at € 249. An extra € 100 will get you two more iBeacons and for € 500+ you can get a customized setup with as many as you need.

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8 Responses to “Beaconic announces availability of first Retail iBeacon Kits for Europe”

  1. macmaniman says:

    stupidest video ever, peace of garbage


  2. The video is really unclear about what this thing does.


  3. danbridgland says:

    Terrible promo video! Must’ve been made by Shamsung’s advertising team. Barely features the product and doesn’t go into any details about how the product functions. As they say in Europe – ‘Nil pois’!


  4. hmurchison says:

    Estimote. That is all.


  5. Its a small video indeed. Says logo promo though.. The total package looks good. I did order Estimote and the only way to use them for my shop is with a iOS developer. So they were useless for me….


  6. So they didn’t like anything enough to buy it and moved on. Is that the message Beaconic really wants?


  7. iBeacon is a pale shadow of iSign Media’s Smart Antenna, which connects without the requirement of downloading an app, can do so over wifi or bluetooth, and communicates seamlessly with Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry and any other wi-fi enabled device.