Korean website DDaily has run and then pulled a story claiming that the iWatch display would be made by LG, and comprises a 1.52-inch plastic OLED (P-OLED) display. P-OLED would tend to suggest a curved display.

The report also claims that the smartwatch would enter mass-production in the third quarter this year, suggesting a launch date in the summer.

It’s a single, unattributed source, so we wouldn’t normally pay it much attention, but it’s a little more specific than most. The fact that it has since been pulled unfortunately tells us little: that can happen either when someone reveals something they shouldn’t have done, or when subsequent information leads them to conclude that the original report was false.

Treat it as a vague rumor for the purposes of speculative entertainment, as with my own speculation about the device.

Via GforGames

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9 Responses to “Korean rumor suggests iWatch has 1.5-inch curved OLED, set for summer launch”

  1. OneOkami says:

    I’d say it’s at least a realistic scenario considering the display technology and launch windows. Honestly, even without hearing this rumor I’d guess if the smartwatch does launch this year it would be in the summer time. I feel there would be more/stronger rumor chatter if a launch were to imminent this or perhaps even next quarter. If it doesn’t launch by the end of Q3 then your launch buzz starts competing with the new iPhone and iPad.


  2. Cant’t they actually use Gorilla Glass


    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      There’s a huge amount happening in glass technology at the moment. Corning has announced curved Gorilla Glass, so that would certainly be one of the options. (The display is distinct from the glass cover.)


  3. Oflife says:

    Apple Developer Expo in June, period. 1. Mini apps. 2. Custom watch faces. 3. Etc.


  4. sardonick says:

    I don’t get watches. I know, it’s subjective and based on individual taste and I’m not bashing anyone for wanting them. I simply don’t get having a device on my wrist that connects to a device in my pocket, that connects to the cloud. Another item to purchase that tells me to check my slightly larger item, which prompts me to check my even larger item after that. Now, give me a watch that brings up a holographic interface and can order pizza purely from thought, and I’m in.


    • This is by far the best thing I’ve read on the internet.


    • acslater017 says:

      With respect, perhaps you are underestimating the potential uses of such a device. You can bet that if/when Apple enters this space, it will be more than a fancy Pebble to check text messages.

      Recent movement from Apple suggests sophisticated health/fitness applications, indoor navigation, etc.


      • sardonick says:

        I am by no means underestimating the power of marketing, nor would I underestimate a user base that will buy anything based on that marketing. Just a personal opinion on something that will target my wallet. I’m simply stating that personally, I don’t now, nor will I ever, have any use for a wrist companion to my electronics. As mentioned, it’s a wide world with many users and choices, this is just not one of mine. Perhaps at some future time and after many trials, errors, and reinventions, I might find such a use. It just won’t be in my foreseeable future. :) Also, as a footnote, I (again, personally) can’t stand ANYTHING on my arm, neither jewelry, nor watches. So even if they make something amazing, the odds of it resting on my arm are about as great as me becoming the next president.