Bill Gates stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about his various charitable endeavours and to promote the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual letter published today. Despite the serious subject matter, Jimmy still managed to squeeze in a few laughs including apologizing for the MacBook and Apple keyboard and mouse that sit on his desk each night before removing them for the rest of the interview.

And then there was this:

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13 Responses to “Jimmy Fallon scrambles to hide his MacBook during Bill Gates interview (Video)”

  1. acslater017 says:

    Hehe. I wasn’t really sure about Jimmy Fallon when he first started but he’s a cool guy. He’s super nice (not a mean spirited comic) and a total geek! He always has segments on gaming, gadgets, etc.


  2. Ken Collins says:

    I don’t think gadgets that take handwriting as input is where it’s at, because handwriting is not where it is at, either. (They aren’t teaching cursive writing in school anymore, beyond the ability to sign one’s name.) When you write by hand, you use three fingers, when you type, you use ten–and you aren’t squeezing a small cylindrical pencil, stylus, or pen. It’s less tiring to type.

    Handwriting interfaces appeal mainly to people who don’t know how to type, and that is a dying breed. If you don’t want a keyboard, dictation software is much easier and much more accurate than handwriting recognition software.


    • oomu (@oomu) says:

      I disagree a lot

      but maybe it’s because I don’t live in US.. haha… sorry.

      I do not think someone need to “know how to” type. Just training to be at ease. typing is not rocket science.

      Squeezing a small cylindrical pencil (is there spherical pencil in US ? it would be incredible!) is not that hard thanks to the THUMB. I love the thumb.

      I read some schools in the US does not teach cursive writing anymore. It seems to me like falsely snobbish, just a new way to deprive common people of a tool in life.


    • thejuanald says:

      So, how would I, as an engineer make graphs, equations, 3D models on the fly while typing? typing out a triple integral or writing with sub- or superscripts is a pain in the neck with a keyboard. Writing out a reaction mechanism for an organic chemical reaction is a huge pain with a keyboard (Even with ChemDraw…) when I could just write all of that stuff out rather simply. Something for the more business oriented people, even a flow diagram is way more time consuming on a keyboard/mouse. All of those things will look prettier when done on a computer, but they will take way longer. If I’m taking notes in a meeting or to teach someone something on the fly, then no, a keyboard won’t do.

      That’s why the Surface 2 Pro is amazing.


  3. Tomorrow, he will hide his ChromeBook to Tim Cook. Mouhahahahahaha…


  4. themis333 says:

    Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    Pretty funny.


  5. So much money. Such a bad haircut.


  6. Pitiful to see this kind of pandering. Even Gates was clearly bemused by it. Fallon is so second rate, but … there’s no one else it seems.


  7. bIg HilL says:


    US presenters are just SO plastic, they leave a bad sensation.


  8. Most of what Bill Gates said would be coming in computers was in the movie “Her.” He obviously just watched the film and spouted out everything he saw there.