A tip we’ve received from an Apple Store employee indicates that Apple will be putting up celebratory LED window displays at Apple Stores, showing a stylised ‘3’ and a ‘Happy birthday, Mac’ message. iPhones and iPads in the window will reportedly be removed. The graphic came via special SD card.

Happy 30th #Apple!

A video posted by Bill Wilson (@level42) on

Boxes of special t-shirts have arrived for the occasion (photo below the fold) … 


If you see the window displays go up at your local store, please send photos to the tips email or Twitter account.

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11 Responses to “Apple continues Mac’s 30th birthday celebrations with special window displays”

  1. Ka Na Sai says:

    ‘If you see the window displays go up at your local story’, more like store. Again, you’re welcome.


  2. OneOkami says:

    I actually have a Genius Bar appointment early tomorrow morning (not looking forward to that as the store almost always overcrowded) so I’ll snap and send pictures if they have it set up like that.


  3. Sam Wight says:

    Happy birthday Mac.


  4. Ron Jape says:

    Does anybody have any info about whether those LED signs are somehow purchasable by consumers. I can’t find anything. Manager at our local store couldn’t find anything either.


  5. “The graphic came via a special SD Card.”…… That thing has to be run by a Raspberry Pi and a couple of Arduino Unos.


  6. jerimacaronion says:

    give me