Logitech just announced a new Harmony Smart Keyboard that it says is specifically designed for controlling Apple TV and similar living room devices. The idea is that the Harmony Smart Keyboard, with support for “225,000 home-entertainment devices and over 5,000 brands,” will become your ultimate living room controller. The keyboard packs in a touchpad on the right hand side, a ton of quick launch functions for changing channels, browsing menus, and controlling media, and a number of interesting new features powered by the included Harmony WiFi hub and companion app. It’s essentially the best of both worlds from Logitech’s keyboard and Harmony remote products. 

The Harmony Smart Keyboard comes with the Harmony Hub, a mini IR blaster, two USB micro receivers, and a USB extender. The WiFi hub has a few uses: it can turn your smartphone or tablet into a universal remote for your living room devices, but it also allows you to hide your devices behind doors and use the mini IR blaster to relay commands. The Harmony hub relays commands from the keyboard using infrared, Bluetooth, WiFi, or the USB micro receivers.

Once you use Logitech’s companion app to connect the Harmony hub to your WiFi network and connect to your various devices like an Apple TV or PlayStation, you’ll be able to customize the experience by assigning certain functions to certain devices. For example, you can set up the “Movie” button on the keyboard to automatically turn on Apple TV and switch to the right inputs or launch Netflix through a different device. You’ll be able to manage up to eight devices at once paired to the same Harmony Smart Keyboard.

The Harmony Smart Keyboard is available from Logitech’s website now for $149.99.

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6 Responses to “Logitech’s Harmony Smart Keyboard for Apple TV & your entire living room”

  1. Ryan Sands says:

    Why would anyone want a $150 keyboard for an apple tv???


  2. PMZanetti says:

    The couch keyboard continues to be an epic failure from Idea to Product.

    Its called: use your frigging iPhone keyboard. iPad works well too.


  3. Does it really need to be that large???


  4. Sure, using an iPad or iPhone is a great option if you have an Apple TV. Roku… not so much. I think this is a great idea if you have several devices you want to control.


  5. Are there any limitations to using this instead of my Apple bluetooth keyboard and Apple trackpad for my home theater mac mini setup?