Twelve South, makers of fine accessories for Apple products, debuted a new version of its popular SurfacePad case for the iPad mini today. The new case is very similiar to the existing iPhone version. It’s made of leather that covers both the front and back of the iPad. A built-in stand allows you to watch videos in landscape at a comfortable angle.

Like Apple’s own Smart Cover, the SurfacePad uses a set of magnets to automatically put the iPad to sleep and wake it up when the cover is opened and closed.

The SurfacePad for iPad mini is available for $69.99 on the Twelve South website. It comes in three colors: black, white, and red. The company says it is currently working on a version of the case for the full-size iPad Air which will be available this Spring.

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One Response to “Twelve South debuts SurfacePad variant for iPad mini, teases iPad Air version”

  1. Winski says:

    I found a case today that has been hiding from me on purpose for months. Blame karma or celestial payback for something else I’ve done over the last 40 years… The case is called the ‘Leather iPad Air Case Genius Pro’ by a company call ‘ZooGue’ out of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

    IT’s around $50…. It’s high-quality leather, got a strap to hold the case around headrests in an auto or as a handle when your carrying the case between meetings. It’s got an ingenious Velcro view-angling system built into the case to allow an incredible number of comfortable viewing positions. All the connector openings and camera slots are in their precise locations. The case fully surrounds the iPad Air for great protection in case of an accidental drop, and is light enough for use in a prolonged setting without producing fatigue …..

    Don’t take my word for it.. ZooGue has a 30-day ‘try it and YOU WILL LIKE IT’ program. I challenge you to take them up on their offer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised”..


    Hold your breath for the 12-South case until you turn purple if you choose… I took a different route.