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Apple has added a new section to the iOS App Store today promoting apps used to share selfies (via MacStories‘ Federico Viticci). Among the apps included are classics like Snapchat and the Justin Bieber-backed Shots and lesser-known apps such as selfie-editing app Facetune and an app called Front Flash that’s design to make it easier to take selfies in low light…

The temporary section is featured on the front page of the App Store on both iOS and the desktop iTunes application.

If you’re looking for a new app for taking selfies (and hey, who isn’t?), here’s your chance to find the perfect one. Maybe one day soon there will also be a section for finding just the right Flappy Bird clone.

Here’s the full list of featured apps:

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12 Responses to “Apple launches new featured App Store section dedicated to taking selfies”

  1. Lol. Someone at Apple knows what they are doing! :D


  2. Please tell me this is a fake comedy post…


  3. sardonick says:



  4. ryscript says:

    Flappy bird clone? hhmm no, how about try Pugo game? it’s kinda like Flappy bird but hey you’ll have a chance to get a life, this is not my game nor I included in the development just want to promote the game specially it’s made by couple PH app developer :)


  5. jmarus says:

    Don’t forget about Partyselfie. The best selfie app available on the App Store right now. Not sure how apple missed it…


  6. Tallest Skil says:

    Psychotic nonsense.


  7. Anjali Joshi says:

    Since one of the goals of the technology integration initiative at Punahou is to put the right device in a student’s hand for any given learning opportunity, the school has also introduced iPod touch for student activities like making real-world measurements on field trips. And Punahou students at all levels are using iPad with specific apps to extend their learning: young children use iPad to practise letters and numbers


  8. drtyrell969 says:

    And the NSA face recognition trend progresses. Thanks Apple!


  9. I miss the best one. Smile2Shoot. It’s been around for 2 years and it’s really funny to use because it speaks to help you get the best selfie.


  10. Is it to early for April Fool’s Day?