From 9to5Toys:

To help celebrate some of the great games that were honoured at yesterday’s BAFTA Game awards, we’ve teamed up with GameAgent again to offer a few great deals on some of the notable Mac games that were nominated.

First up we have BioShock Infinite, one of the most popular games of last year that was nominated in a few categories yesterday including Artistic Achievement, Audio Achievement, and Performer. It also won  for best Original Music. For 24 hours only, you can pick up BioShock Infinite for Mac from GameAgent for 75% off. That brings the price down from $30 to just $7.50.

Next we have Civilization V: Brave New World, an expansion to Civilization V, which was nominated in the Best Strategy And Simulation category yesterday. If you haven’t bought the full Civ V base game yet, those with a GameAgent account [sign-up here] can get Civilization V for 75% off  today only. That brings the cost of both titles down from $30 each to $7.50 each.

The deals will last 24 hours, but there is limited availability. Click the links below to add the games to your cart and grab your copy before they run out:

BioShock Infinite 75% off – $7.50 (Reg. $30)

Sid Meier’s Civilization V 75% off – $7.50 (Reg. $30) ***requires GameAgent account

Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Brave New World 75% off – $7.50 (Reg. $30)

All of the Mac game deals above are available through GameAgent and authenticate on Steam.

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6 Responses to “BioShock Infinite, Civilization V, & Civ V: Brave New World for Mac – $7.50 ea. (75% savings)”

  1. Steam on my Mac? I’d rather pay the retail price.


  2. I have civilization v: campaign edition which I bought on the Apple Mac store.. does anyone knows if buying “Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Brave New World (Steam Code)” will work on it?



  3. I can’t get it to add the discount. Anyone else having trouble?


  4. This game got horrible reviews according to Amazon. It is apparently a dumbed-down version and is locked down with DRM with always-on internet required (i.e. you don’t own the game, only rent it).