iOS 7.1 may have only been released this week, but it’s already got it’s own “gate”-worthy issue: battery life is abysmal. Reports on Twitter and Apple’s support discussion forums indicate that users are seeing significant drain on their batteries after installing the new update.

Some users suggest that running a clean install of iOS 7.1 (by restoring through iTunes) will solve the issue. That solution seemed to help some people during the last round of BatteryGate back in 2011 when the iPhone 4S first launched, though there don’t seem to be any confirmed reports of that actually working yet.

Even ArsTechnica found a noticeable drop in battery life with the 7.1 update, though the article does note that the numbers fall with the test’s margin of error:


On the Apple support forum, many user’s complain of big battery hits after doing an over-the-air update. From forum user atchyut:

I have updated my iPhone 5s to iOS 7.1, ever since I have been experiencing battery drain of about 1% every 10 mins. Is anyone else facing the same issue?

And from PJS2006:

I installed iOS 7.1 yesterday and now my battery on my iPhone 5S is dropping rappidly. I charged it last night and unplugged it before work. On the 30min commute it went from 100% down to 97% with no use from me. What gives?

But hey, not everyone is having problems. At least one whole user has reported improved battery life on iOS 7.1.

Granted, there could be more users having no problems at all, and compared to the number of users who have installed the update, the number of reports may not represent a large portion of the user base. Please take part in our poll to help us find out.