Just as it did last month, Samsung again takes shots at the iPad in a new ad for its Galaxy Pro series tablets. The ad opens with a video call in which the boss calls for a revised presentation deck to be emailed, and the Samsung user is able to send it during the call … 

After also poking fun at the Surface for being more like a laptop than a tablet, and a Kindle for only doing books, it ends by claiming the Galaxy Pro screen looks better than the iPad “because it has more pixels.” The ad takes a similar tack to Microsoft, which also ran an iPad-knocking ad focusing on the multi-tasking abilities of the Surface.

It’s no surprise that competitors need to attack the iPad: in 2013, the iPad sold more than the next four tablet makers combined sales, with Apple selling almost twice as many tablets as Samsung, and Microsoft lost somewhere in ‘Other’ …

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52 Responses to “Samsung again disses iPad in Galaxy Pro ad, takes shots at Surface and Kindle too [Video]”

  1. Haters gonna hate. Hate enough to steal 1000′s of hours of research and copy a design from Apple. I suppose it was worth the 1 Billion dollar payout Samsung coughed up.

  2. 01nb says:

    *shakes head* Another stupid ad aimed at stupid people.

    Samsung, you have really nice devices. Now, TouchWiz sucks giant elephant turds, but the hardware is decent.

    Let your hardware speak for itself, and stop working so hard to put down your competitors.


    A user of both Android and iOS devices.

    • IF they would only realize that touchjizz blows and to focus on hardware…nice post

      • frankman91 says:

        Touchwizz does come with a lot of bloatware, but the software itself is nice. I have a rooted, but otherwise stock rom because I like a lot of the features it add, such as split screen apps and really slick app trays.

        And I dont see how they are lacking in the hardware department at all? Can you explain that part of your comment.

  3. Cute, Samsung. But not accurate for the iPad. Although the Kindle part was funny.

  4. secdj says:

    I think companies should focus more in selling their products instead of always talk about the competition but I gotta say the last seconds are funny… “but mine has the retina thingy” LOL

  5. So misleading, but then that’s what advertising is all about. I seriously don’t know how people involved with advertising live with themselves or sleep at night no matter what product you are pushing.

    • You are wrong, advertising it’s not like that. Samsung advertising is like that. The world, companies, jobs and blogs are full of people, ones are smart and decent, others are just plain brainless.

      • Victor Lopez says:

        Really?You want to knock Samsung ads as misleading when Apple claimed for years that their products don’t get viruses?They talk about being great for college students when you have to pay for apps that will actually allow them to use sites required for many classes,and until recently they had few if any apps that were of any real use to students.The hypocrisy is strong here. As for those other comments addressing trademark lawsuits,they originally went the other way,until Obama stuck his nose in their business.

  6. rgbfoundry says:

    I like ads like this for one reason. It points out obvious feature that Apple could ad. Show me an iPad owner that wouldn’t WANT split screen multitasking. If you say you don’t want the option, you’re lying to yourself. All the other criticisms in the ad rely on creating a sense of inadequacy. I’m sorry, but if my Retina iPad looks awesome, it looks awesome.

    • towamp says:

      “If you say you don’t want the option, you’re lying to yourself.”

      Comments like this ruined your otherwise good comment. Yes I’ll have to admit that sometimes I wanted that feature but my mom and dad would have never wanted them, so YES some people don’t really want it.

    • Actually, I don’t care much about split screen. Even my Mac Book Pro I use different desktops for different things…Coding, Illustrator or Photoshop, email. It’s not that difficult to swipe left or right.

    • eldernorm says:

      Actually the dude with the iPad could easily just email the file to the lady, jump to email, send, jump back.

      Samsung, “We have the best gimmicks. Trust us…. Snickering in the background.”.LOL

    • borntofeel says:

      I don’t want split screen on an iPad. If I need to put two apps side by side that means I have to transfer a lot of content or compare for a long time between the two. But for that I’d just use a MacBook Air. Contrary to what the ad shows, you can obviously send a file via email during a video call.

    • I don’t want it. And am not lying to myself. Am one of those people that loves that osx introduced full screen applications.

    • Victor Lopez says:

      don’t forget,you have Samsung and LG to thank for those “awesome” “Retina” displays.

  7. rettun1 says:

    Samsung ads used to be funny, like the ones with the line outside of the Apple stores. Now instead of making their customers looks cool and hip, they’re making them come off as smug assholes. Especially that woman at the end…

  8. Dave Huntley says:

    The screen looks better they say, butt he ad has a disclaimer “screen images simulated” – that sums up Samsung right there.

  9. These types of ads are what draws me to the competitors products. Tell me why I should by your product. Focus on your product only and sell it to me. Samsung really does have good hardware but they spend way to much taking these tiny cheap shots at others that they lose by using ads such as these that are literally telling me the consumer about other products.

  10. airmanchairman says:

    Infantile, like a lot of its users in my workplace.

    And a barely-concealed inferiority complex.

  11. Funny, but Apple is the one laughing all the way to the bank.

  12. g0bez says:

    Devices are more than their hardware… it is the entire experience, and Apple knows this. I don’t deny that I’d like some of those hardware features, but after using both iOS and Android for years, I’m solidly an iOS guy. Until Samsung runs iOS, these ads are lost on me.

  13. I don’t agree with the points made, but the ad is very effective.

  14. herb02135go says:

    I enjoy the Samsung ads. They accurately reflect my experiences AND comments from people who have seen my device.

    A couple of false comments on this thread:

    ALL ads printing a device with a screen have a disclaimer that the screen image is simulated. Including Apple.

    Being able to multitask is WAY quicker/easier than doing two tasks consecutively.

    The word for purchase is not “by”, it’s “buy.”

    Apple has had plenty of time to develop multitasking but hasn’t. Maybe the ghost of Jobs is stopping that. The company has also had time to develop a decent screen size but is slow to the game.

    Samsung steals from Apple? Which ones? The butt-ugly designs? Please let me know which Apple TP you are using. A mixed message is a failed message.

    I have used both IOS and Android.
    If you prefer shiny over substance, stick with Apple.

  15. um copycats cant be haters. just saying..

  16. I have to say though the multitasking ability of the Galaxy is a very useful feature.

  17. jrox16 says:

    It’s funny how desperate and tactless Samsung is… but I guess when nearly all review sites for all your products are rated below all of Apple’s products, you act that way. They want to be Apple so much, but their marketing hasn’t caught up yet. Rather than being classy, they go incredibly tacky on their marketing. Definitely the behavior of a company with an inferiority complex.
    The Galaxy Pro Tab got a 5.9 from one of the major tech blogs (theverge.com), while the iPad Air scored over 9.

  18. Gavin Black says:

    Samsung is a just troll with a big budget. When they make a product that can survive on its own merit without a negative ad campaign I’d be more inclined to listen.

  19. Remember when people thought Apple fans were smug, condescending assholes? Samsung has a serious insecurity problem.

  20. scumbolt2014 says:

    Another terrible ad for a terrible product from a terrible compnay. S-pen, more like 💩-pen.

  21. scumbolt2014 says:

    Some want to compare Samscum’s ad campaign with Apple’s I’m a mac campaign. The thing they forget is that their product REALLY is better than the other company they compared themselves with. Samsung’s isn’t.

    • herb02135go says:

      So hard to follow here.
      Mocking competitor is OK for crApple but not its competition?

      Samsung’s butt-ugly design is copied from Apple?

      I wish the company would send you clear talking points along with the money you get.

      Funny how among 30 comments only one has mentioned actually using the product. I guess your moms won’t pay for you to switch to something that will work better. Sad.

      I know when I’m picking a product the very first things I look at are its worldwide popularity, how shiny it is and how easy it is for the masses to use. Oh, and toss in a quote from the departed Leader.

      Things like functionality, usefulness and efficiency are way down on the list. (Sarcasm here)

      Forget about “think different” and just think for yourselves.

      • frankman91 says:

        Completely agree!

        Apple boasts how thin ipad is —> ifans rejoice thinness —> competition makes a tablet thinner —–> people exclaim about how it will hurt battery life, and how being thin is not all that matters and so on and so on.

        Same with screen size, 7in was pathetic and small, until the ipad mini, then suddenly it was acceptable. Next the 12 in Samsung tablet was too big.

        Resolution is everything and Retina is amazing – until competition resolution blew it out of the water, then it turned in to people say beyond the Retina resolution there is no benefit.

        This went all the way back to the copy & paste function on mobile os.

        I try and just laugh it off, but in truth its sad.

        I have come to learn that for the most part Apple stuff is for “tech-users”, stuff that simple works but has an scent of Nerf football about it; have a catch, but don’t get hurt.

        Windows / Android / Linux stuff is for people that are “tech-savy” and beyond being just a “tech-user”. They can accept the risk of bugs and the work of configurations that play nice together for the ability to hone the device to their needs and get more out of a device.

      • borntofeel says:

        Ever tried using a Note 3 stylus. It’s horrible and everything takes three times longer to do than simply typing. Same thing here. What is the need of having two windows side by side on such a small screen, knowing that to simply drag and drop from one window to another you must activate an option. It’s a horrible implementation, like most stuff Samsung does.

  22. NO VIDEO _ where is it ?

  23. It would be nice for apple to have “split-screen-apps” function, yes!!

    But.. i think Apple has not made that function because then more RAM memory would be needed and the battery-life would be bad on devices, as it is with “Samsung-tablets vs iPad-tablets.

    And Apple uses the “swipe-between-apps” to make the multitasking smooth, to save RAM & Battery life on there iPad´s, and also to always have 100% speed on there apps = no lag.

  24. Samsung is attacking user of other competitors rather than focus on product and and company themselves.