Update (3/24 10:45am): For a limited time, Loopy HD has been discounted to $3.99 (50% off).

Jimmy Fallon’s MacBook may have mysteriously lost its illuminated Apple logo but it seems his love for Apple products hasn’t wavered.

Last night he teamed up with one of America’s biggest rock legends, Billy Joel, to create a doo-wop song using an iPad Air connected to two Bluetooth microphones. The duo utilized the iOS app, Loopy, to create a continuous background loop of their singing as a foundation for the song.

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6 Responses to “Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel create doo-wop magic with an iPad”

  1. dugbug says:

    Wow that was great


  2. Oh, ….to be Talented. ….and To Share your Art


  3. So much fun started by one little app…


  4. yuniverse7 says:

    Wow, Billy Joel hasn’t lost a step. That was awesome!


  5. What kind of mics are those? Are they connected directly to the iPad?


  6. I’ve had tons of justified grins and smiles since the beginning of the new Tonight Show, but this yet surpasses them all.