Update: As you can see above, the footage was removed from YouTube at the request of Apple. Additional photos below.

A new video popped up on YouTube today showing what appears to be the demolition of the buildings that formerly occupied the space where Apple’s new headquarters will be located. We’re not sure who the source of the video is, but it is in fact legitimate footage that Apple circulated internally.

The actual demolition started last month, but was only completed recently. Construction of expected to begin soon on the company’s impressive new home. Thus far we’ve only seen the design in the form of highly-detailed renders presented by the company in the process of acquiring the proper building permits, but it looks like we’ll finally be able to see the real thing taking shape soon.

Thanks Matthew!

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17 Responses to “New video shows demolition of old HP buildings as construction begins on Apple’s ‘spaceship’ campus”

  1. Great choice of music.


  2. rettun1 says:

    Such a waste of materials. I think it’s time we updated our methods of building construction. I think in the future building construction will work similar to 3D printing, being able to construct the building using more automation and then later take it apart, recycling as much if the materials as possible.

    Anywho, spaceship campus is seeming pretty state of the art


  3. most of the building could have been dismantled before the destruction of the core steel frame, this could have saved the energy and resources of recycling. it will take more time, but it will be more environmental friendly approach.

    what is shown on the video is more Chevron than being Apple.


  4. degraevesofie says:

    I actually worked in one of those HP buildings for a few years. They weren’t particularly nice, but the HP work environment back then (mid-1990s) was great.


  5. Man, people will complain about everything, even the way a building is torn down.


  6. djmexi says:

    isnt this kind of a sign of the times. apple demolishing old hp building…. no one buying hp products anymore instead buying apple. thus apple demolishing hp. very sembolic say!


  7. Mark Granger says:

    How can Apple take down this video for a copyright claim? I have not seen it but I presume it was shot by an individual and posted to YouTube. This is a bigger story than the actual demolition. Unless this was from a video shot by Apple there should be no way they could claim copyright.


    • herb02135go says:

      I agree that the removal of the video is of more interest than the video itself.

      Please explain.

      What I’ve seen so far just reinforces my belief that this website is just a corporate shill with no independent thought or journalism.

      That would make everything posted on this site.

      Does this site exist for us readers or to please Apple?


      • aeronperyton says:

        Chill out, dude. The video was removed from YOUTUBE (a Google site). 9to5Mac simply linked to the video.

        And the video was indeed made by Apple for internal use only. They do have a legitimate copyright claim on it.


  8. herb02135go says:

    I’ve not read much about the vegetation being planted at this site. With California in a drought this campus should use landscaping that minimizes water use, and native vegetation as much as possible.

    Of course, the City really rolled over for the company on this project, especially in terms of traffic issues.


  9. Ryan Walsh says:

    Really intresting, i actually came across this blog when looking for reclaimed building materials ! well if any one is intrested i have spent alot of time looking at demolition companies and looking for one that sells reclaimed bricks from demolition, i found a few but take a look at this one website http://www.southwalesdemolition.co.uk they reclaim everything so i cant see how it does effect the enviroment as much as people say when most bricks or 98% can be saved i am told