Flexibits, makers of the popular Fantastical calendar apps for Mac and iPhone, today teased an upcoming iPad version of the app on its website.

Fantastical 2 for iPad is “coming soon,” and the company is taking sign ups for those interested in learning more, but it hasn’t yet revealed any other details on the app. The company did confirm in the tweet below that the iPad version would be a separate download and not introduced as a new universal app for both iPhone & iPad. The iPhone version of Fantastical 2 sells for $4.99 on the App Store.

We’ve reviewed previous version of the app and are big fans, so we’ll definitely be bringing you a full review of the app when it officially launches. Until then, check out our latest review of Fantastical 2 for iPhone.

You can sign up to learn more about the app on the Flexibits website here.

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9 Responses to “Flexibits teases iPad version of popular ‘Fantastical’ calendar app”

  1. pucagaeilge says:

    There will be much (deserved) grousing if this is not a universal app that runs on both iPhones and iPads.


  2. themis333 says:

    It’s a really nice app for iPhone that I bet would be great on iPad.


  3. crichton007 says:

    I’m very surprised that a Fantastical for iPad will be available on iPad before an updated Week Cal is but I like Fantastical so much I’ll buy it and not look back.


  4. jb510 says:

    Meh. Once upon a time I really liked fantastical. Then they annoyed everyone by releasing Fantastical 2 without iPad support. So I learned to leave without it and retreated ever buying fantastical 2 for iPhone. Guess what? Won’t be buying Fantastical 2 for iPad.

    Agile (1password) made the same mistake once but eventually learned from it.


  5. I’ve been using Fantastical for a few years on the iPhone. It’s the best calendar app I’ve tried. I’m glad that it’s being released for the iPad. If it works as well as the iPhone version, I’ll consider it money well spent.