Ahead of the latest Apple-Samsung trial, Apple is sharing some of the details regarding the creation of the iPhone with the WSJ. As an aside, Apple also shared a shot of the secret windowless room where the original iPhone meetings took place. The nondescript room is where most of the design decisions for the original iPhone’s software were made and is called “hallowed ground” to Greg Christie, who designs the software interface for products and one of the first members recruited to work on the device in 2004.

It doesn’t mean that the windowless room, lit by fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling, looked like anything special. Christie recalled the walls had signs of water damage from a flood in an adjacent bathroom. A few images covered the walls including one of Apple’s “Think Different” posters of famous graphic designer Paul Rand and another of a large chicken running around without its head.

Inspiration comes in many forms.

Apple may be sharing this information to drum up public support before the trial. Or, perhaps more likely, Apple knows this information will come out in the trial and wants to “own” the story beforehand.


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14 Responses to “This is the room where the iPhone was born”

  1. aeronperyton says:

    Is that a 4S plugged in on the table??


  2. Is it just me or is that a white iPhone plugged in in front of the G3? Lmao.


  3. iMacheads says:

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    God Bless America!


  4. aaronkrahn says:

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    This is so cool to see!


  5. Reblogged this on United Electronics Group and commented:
    The idea boardroom shows a touch of mad scientist combined with practical businessman.


  6. Nick Grant says:

    People wanted a bigger iPhone, here it is!


  7. Joseph Sar says:

    This is now trending on trenoa.com


  8. Are those the Jony Ive designed speakers on the table?