Tim Cook Auburn

(Photo via Auburn University)

Following Apple CEO Tim Cook being honored with Auburn University’s College of Human Sciences Lifetime Achievement award last December, the university in Alabama from which Tim Cook graduated has shared a video profiling the Apple CEO and his impact at Auburn. While the video was first posted in March and surfaced today, it features commentary and interviews from other notable Apple figures including Jeff Williams, Senior VP of Operations, and Bob Iger, Disney CEO and Apple board member.

In the video, Iger calls Cook “a great leader” and notes his passion and ethics. Auburn notes having Apple’s CEO as a graduate as an excellent recruitment tool.

Tim Cook delivered the commencement speech for Auburn University’s spring class in 2010. He often shares his affection for his alma mater and its football team.

Earlier this year, a local publication in South Alabama near Tim Cook’s hometown wrote about the Apple CEO’s experience growing up in Robertsdale, Alabama. Check out Auburn University’s video below.

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4 Responses to “Auburn University video with Jeff Williams, Bob Iger profiles Tim Cook in honor of Lifetime Achievement award”

  1. themis333 says:

    Pretty nice video.


  2. 1:57.

    That stare… God. How hypnotizing.

    Tim Cook looks like the best best pick to run Apple now, but Steve was the soul of the company.


  3. I can’t believe someone got a Lifetime achievement award for just being a CEO of one company for a few years. Its not like he created Apple or even did anything creative, although being a good person when it comes to logistics, but honestly, how does that achieve such an award?


    • mockery17 says:

      Did you even fucking watch the video? And why do people still think nothing creative has been created during Tim’s tenure? What the fuck are the new Mac Pro, an engineering marvel, and Touch ID, which competitors are scrambling to copy?

      Why the fuck are there so many inane comments on this site now?