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After a brief period of downtime, the Apple Store website around the world has now gone back up. Aside from a bit of Mother’s Day promotional advertising, there is no change to most regions. For some countries, however, Apple has now made the 8 GB iPhone 5c introduced last month available for sale. The device is now available in the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria, and other regions.

The phone appeared in some Netherlands carrier stores yesterday, as spotted by, and is now available from Apple directly from its website.

In the Netherlands, the phone costs €549 for the 8GB variant, a saving of €50 compared to the 16 GB model which sells for €599. Naturally, these price points are the same for the Belgian store. Apple first introduced the 8GB variant in March, in just five countries: the UK, France, Germany, Australia and China.

For other regions, the price difference is roughly the same. In the Czech Republic store, the 8GB model sells for 13 490,00 Kč (compared to 14 790,00 Kč for 16 GB). For Italy, there is also a €50 saving: the 8 GB model sells for €579 compared to €629 for the 16 GB model.

In Sweden, the delta between SKU’s is 500 Krona, which converts to approximately a €50 saving. Likewise, the Polish store charges 2 279,00 zł for the 8 GB model, offering roughly the same price differentiation.

The 5c has also made its debut in Ireland and Portugal. The 8 GB 5c is on sale for €549, unsurprisingly €50 cheaper than the 16 GB variant, in these regions.

Several other regions have been reported by readers in the comments section below. The phone remains unavailable for sale in the US market. It is still unclear why Apple doesn’t openly offer the model worldwide.

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19 Responses to “8 GB iPhone 5c now available in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Ireland and several others”

  1. It’s also in the Belgian Apple Store


  2. Its available in the Norwegian store also, don’t know if that new or what not ;)


  3. Also available in Finnish Apple Store. (


  4. Also available in Hungary.


  5. Here in Italy it sells for €579 off contract. Seriously? Who’s going to buy it when the 16gb model sells for €629? It should’ve been €529 instead! Now that would’ve made sense.


  6. themis333 says:

    I still question the decision to release this with only 8Gb of space.


  7. macusercom says:

    Don’t forget Austria. € 549 here.


  8. It’s also available in the Norwegian store for 400 kroner off the 16GB version (about 48.5 €). Just a heads up; SEK and NOK (swedish and norwegian valuta) is written “kroner” :)


  9. Just in time to be discontinued!