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Unsurprisingly, Apple appears to be readying a bug fix update to iOS 7.1 called iOS 7.1.1. Numerous visits to 9to5Mac from areas surrounding Apple’s campus on devices running iOS 7.1.1 have appeared in our analytics. The increase in views likely indicates that the bug fix update will come over-the-air to iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches in the near future. iOS 7.1 was released in March with user-interface tweaks, a new calendar view, and CarPlay support.

In similar news, it appears, based on our analytics, that iOS 8 testing inside Apple has increased:

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.22.19 AM

And OS X 10.10:

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.23.41 AM

You can read up on everything coming in iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 here. 

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14 Responses to “Apple preparing iOS 7.1.1 bug fix update as iOS 8, OS X 10.10 testing increases”

  1. I wonder if they’ll put a beta up in the dev portal for early download. They’ve been known to do that in the past.


  2. PMZanetti says:

    Always interesting to see the unreleased iOS spike on certain date, when inside Apple it reached a certain peak and testing was spread out to a new wider group.


  3. mpias3785 says:

    I hope the battery drain problem is the first on the list of squashed bugs.


    • Every time there’s an iOS update, someone always complains about battery life. Here’s an excellent guide on how to improve battery life on an iOS device:


      • mpias3785 says:

        No offense, but this wasn’t a small number of people. This site ran a poll after 7.1 came out and over 45% of the respondents saw a decrease in battery life. My iPhone 5S’ battery life plummeted from 24 hr -> 50% to 3 hr -> 50%. I eventually got it back to normal, but it took quite some time and a lot of work, and many people couldn’t do anything about it without completely disabling Background App Refresh and Location Services.


    • jrox16 says:

      Just my comment on the battery life issue, because my experience was quite strange. After I installed 7.1, my battery life was fantastic, possibly better than before, for a few days. Then suddenly (perhaps after some existing apps updated themselves), I noticed my 5S getting quite warm, almost hot, using certain apps, and the battery life plummeting. I literally watched the percent drop while using the phone over short periods! I was furious!
      A few reboots later, and the issue seems to have gone away permentently and now I experience, on average, better battery life than on iOS7. In fact, it’s fantastic now, I can go 1.5 days on average with average phone use, and regularly go 2 full days with light to average use. So I HAD the battery life bug, but it just went away for no reason I can explain. It’s as if something was doing hardcore work in the background for a while, like re-indexing files or something, and once it was done, everything went back to normal. So I very happy and still am as the battery life has continued to be stellar after the bug went away. Has anyone experienced this on 7.1?


  4. themis333 says:

    Let’s hope the bug fixes arrive sooner than later. Even on 7.1 there’s a few really irritating issues. It’s far better than previous releases though. Also, let’s hope iOS 8 is released in a more polished state.


  5. I hope Personal Hotspot issue will be fixed


  6. Wow, the first part of the title couldn’t be more wrong. “Unexpected”? No it isn’t. A lot of people are still experiencing crashes and horrible battery life. Anything to get page views huh?


  7. Wonder if my “No wifi hardware installed” is a bug or if my wifi chip is actually toast…


  8. lauramacky says:

    Why oh why do they always have battery draining issues when they release their updates? It’s kind of strange to me. My iPad is pathetic now and my iPhone 5C is okay but not as good as it was before.


  9. They said they fix the battery drain ios7or iOS 7.1
    But truth none of them
    Let see what they do iOS 7.1.1 hopefully this is the first choice


  10. Jimmy James says:

    Cant wait for iOS 8 beta 1
    I got all my UDiDs registered! iDevices are ready!