If you didn’t get a chance to buy a WWDC ticket in the lottery last week, you might just get another chance soon. Developers who won were given until April 14 to buy a slot at the conference, but not all of them took advantage of the opportunity.

Now Apple is reportedly reaching out to developers who didn’t win the lottery and offering them a chance to buy unclaimed tickets. Some developers are starting to get phone calls from the company informing them that they have been randomly selected to buy one of the tickets that winners failed to claim before the 14th.

Developers who agree to buy a ticket are then emailed instructions and must complete the purchase within 24 hours—or presumably have their own unclaimed ticket offered to someone else. You can read the full email below.

Thanks for the tip, Nick!


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13 Responses to “Apple reaching out to developers who didn’t win WWDC lottery, offering chance to buy unclaimed tickets”

  1. I got a call from 408-974-9330 today stating that they wanted to talk to me about WWDC. Is this legit??


  2. Yeah, why enter to win a tucket, then when yku win, not buy it?!?
    COLLOSALLY dumb.
    Like my spelling of “collosolly” but I’m too lazy to spellcheck it.


  3. macmaniman says:

    this begs the question to weither for the first time WWDC actually didn’t sell out within hours