Apple TV update

Apple today has added three new channels to the Apple TV lineup: A&E, The History Channel, and Lifetime. Each channel does require a cable subscription to unlock full content, but it appears the most recent episodes of shows are available without unlocking the channels. At the time of launch, each channel only supports DirecTV, Verizon FiOS, and Cablevision Optimum, but the network says it will add support for more providers soon. While current cable provider support is limited, the A&E network did debut live TV streaming in its iPad apps just a week ago with support for a sweeping range of cable providers…

Specifically, those apps extend support to major providers not listed by the Apple TV channels like Comcast Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House as well as several dozen regional cable providers. However, live TV support appears limited to the iOS apps as the Apple TV channels will received new episodes the day after they air.

The timing of this rollout suggests the network has worked closely with Apple to bring its big three channels to Apple TV. The channels feature full episodes from shows like Duck Dynasty, Bates Motel, Pawn Stars and American Pickers.

Each new channel is limited to Apple TV customers in the United States at launch.

Ahead of today’s new channel roll out, Apple TV picked up support for WWE Network’s new subscription service at launch.

As a reminder, the latest version of the Apple TV software supports easily hiding unwanted Apple TV channels. The feature can be found in the Settings channel under the Main Menu option.

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17 Responses to “Apple adds A&E, History Channel, and Lifetime channels to Apple TV”

  1. ocaveney says:

    Actually the latest episodes are available without having to Verify your Cable Subscription.


  2. Jonny says:

    I believe you can also hide channels by long-pressing the centre button on the remote (then selecting ‘hide this channel’ from the pop-up menu).


  3. I’ll get an Apple TV if/when the stop doing the onsey twosey game and let developers actually add content at will so it’s actually useful like the Roku…


    • Tallest Skil says:

      Developers don’t have any reason to be on the Apple TV. Content creators do.


      • I meant content creators, not developers… slip of the tongue… or fingers as it were. The point is on Roku I can just add a channel and any content creator can create a channel using the SDK, they don’t require some specialized deal. A good portion I use Roku for is Plex/XBMC so until Apple allows channels like that then it’s just no deal.


    • Ramon Reques says:

      FYI – The Apple TV 2 is fully customizable – there is a jailbreak for it that allows you to do much more than what you mentioned you could do in the Roku.


  4. Sean Molin says:

    Awesome, except the only content providers you can sign into are DirecTV, Optimum, and Verizon FiOS. Which is pathetic.


  5. US only. Again! Some of you tech reviewer folks should take a look at how extremely lame AppleTV is outside of the borders of the continental US. It’s seriously crap.


  6. My question is, due to new home and new TV there, are Apple TV box’ offerings of entertainment internationally available?? Any limitations?


  7. Noah Powell says:

    Finally I can stream Mother May I Sleep With Danger!


  8. PMZanetti says:

    Further adding to the idea that Apple is still working with partners to build AppleTV Apps that stay within the proper UI experience, and is NOT about to open the floodgates to let any half assed developer create half assed apps that have their own UI and navigation concept, and thereby confusing the user.

    The AppleTV has a difficult UI as is, and each App needs to look and feel like every other, or difficulty and confusion will ensue. Apple is not about to muddy the AppleTV waters with amateur hour.


  9. Ryan Brooks says:

    I wish these posts lead with “Today in the U.S. only…” so I can just skip the article.


  10. rlowhit says:

    History Channel the channel you can count on to watch Pawn shop anytime of the day.


  11. New channels have added to Apple TV.


  12. Candyce Neil says:

    This sucks that its not available for Comcast XFinity subscribers!!! >_<