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In line with our report from last week, Apple has begun updating its logos on some of its more high-profile stores with green-colored leaves. Some users in Asia, Italy, and Australia are already posting posting photos of the tweaked logo. Apple Store employees will also be wearing green colored shirts to celebrate Earth Day for the next week.


A photo posted by Andrea Berra  (@andreadrewdlrp) on

More photos:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 7.43.08 PM

And from Settib.It:


Also in honor of Earth Day, Apple updated its website with an environment-focused video narrated by Apple CEO Tim Cook, posted new environment statistics, and made VP of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson available for an extensive interview. Apple is expected to hold an Earth Day event of sort at its Cupertino campus tomorrow.

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6 Responses to “Apple Store logo leaves start going green in honor of Earth Day (photos)”

  1. So strange. They really seem to want to be a seen as more than just another huge scary corporation.


  2. doomsdayZen says:

    Apple is just so consistently great in their design. That simple great leaf is so subtle and yet so perfect. Most any other company would’ve way overdone it.


  3. Kevin Weber says:

    Wow, changing the Apple to green. Amazing work Tim Cook!! Now where is my iWatch and new Apple TV.