A new rumor from Mac Otakara (via AppleInsider) indicates that the next-generation iPhone could sport curved edges in place of the squared edges found on every model of the iPhone since the iPhone 4 debuted in 2010. To facilitate this, the display glass would also be slightly curved, although probably not to the degree of some of the first curved phones that have been revealed.

This is the first we’ve heard of any rounded edges on the iPhone 6. Given how prevalant other rumors regarding the phone’s design, such as two models, each with a larger screen, have become in recent months, it seems a bit a bit odd that this design note is just now coming out. We’re calling this one a bit sketchy until there’s more information to support it.

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18 Responses to “Sketchy new rumor point to possibility of rounded edges, curved-glass display in iPhone 6”

  1. Court Kizer says:

    Apparently nobody is getting it. Here’s what the rounded edge glass is. The screen and corners are fused. There’s no more band around the iPhone 6. At the edges the same glass that covers the screen curves downward to form the edges of the phone. No more cracks or spots for dirt to fall into. It’s just a smooth piece of glass covering the entire front. That’s the difference.

    The rumor mill is getting confused about a curved screen because the glass at the edges curves downward to wrap the iPhone. That is all.

    You are welcome.


  2. It was made as a prototype. There’s no plan to release it.


  3. Anre G. says:

    Reblogged this on Life is…. and commented:
    Actually like the rounded edges…


  4. rakinjannot says:

    I hope to god that the iPhone 6 has flat sides with 90 degree edges. The edge bites into my hand when I grip it, making sure it won’t slip out. The curved or large beveled edges would feel cheaper and a lot harder to hold. I hope the design above is accurate with its razor thin bevels and not the ones floating around where the edges are curves.


  5. RP says:

    well there are pictures of what the cover glass looks like. Pallets of the them. Nothing about the screens look too much different.


    • rettun1 says:

      At this point, it’s near impossible to know what leaks are legitimate.

      Any time I read something about the next iPhone, I think about the ‘iPhone 5′ rumors in 2011. We had leaked cases and schematics that pointed to a wedge shaped phone, and a lot of case makers lost money betting on it being real.


    • I don’t believe those were real. If they make the screen bigger and don’t at all change the bezels, it is really embarrassing. I don’t believe Apple would do that. I’m confident they have been specifically waiting to make larger screens for the tech to catch up and enable them to greatly reduce the bezels in order to not further, drastically increase the physical size of the device (at least for the rumored 4.7″).


  6. Um seriously though… if you combine this rumor with the already leaked case from Unbox therapy we pretty much are looking at what the iPhone 6 will be.


    • A case is entirely irrelevant. I don’t even know how there are cases so soon. I can confidently say that no one besides manufacturing is given details of what the phone looks like, and I’m sure case makes are largely guessing, just as they always have.


  7. i’m an apple fan and i have a novel idea…let’s just wait to see what comes out…all the marketing hype that apple is able to secure (and believe me, it’s them working to secure it) with all the new product speculation is crazy and it’s why i tend to stay away from tech sites when coming up on product launches or dev conf’s and just wait to see what happens after the fact

    that having been said, since i’m here: i would prefer if they did not have rounded edges/chassis design