The success of Apple’s low end phones, the 3.5-inch iPhone 4s and the colorful plastic 5c, has been questioned since the current lineup was launched last year. But in today’s earnings call,  Tim Cook might have just explained why Apple keeps the lower end devices in its stable: They bring in the lower-end Android crowd. Specifically Cook said 62% of iPhone 4s, which is usually free (or cheaper) with a plan in the US buyers and 60% of iPhone 5c buyers were switching from Android.

Cook previously compared Android to Europe in its fragmentation and had some harsh words for some of the low end Android tablets in enterprise saying Apple would never produce or label products of that low quality. 

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3 Responses to “Tim Cook: 60+% of iPhone 4s and 5c buyers are ‘Android Switchers’”

  1. towamp says:

    What’s with the whole bunch of articles related to the earnings call? Do we actually need a new article for every number Cook uttered today?!?!


  2. Don’t know why he are boasting about those numbers when they know that the worldwide marketshare for iOS is dropping like a stone from the open sky while Android is still growing every months

    Apple / Tim Cook, maybe you should care more about your marketshare around the world berfore you boasts about how many peoples goes to iOS from Android?