The court battles between the two companies doesn’t seem to have harmed Samsung’s position as a key supplier of components to Apple. DisplaySearch figures show that Apple switched from LG to Samsung as the primary supplier of its display panels for iPad Air and iPad with Retina display last quarter, reports CNET.

Samsung Display reclaimed its position as the top iPad display panel supplier, shipping 5.2 million units of 9.7-inch panels with a resolution of 2,048×1,536, accounting for 62 percent of total shipments of that display size and resolution […]

LG Display […] saw its share of that display size/resolution plunge to 38 percent in the first quarter from about 61 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013 …

The reason for the switch isn’t known. There are a variety of reasons why Apple may shift suppliers, including yield rates and the simple desire not to become too dependent on a single source.

A second research company, VLSI, says Samsung is likely to continue to make A-series processors for future iPhones and iPads, despite the now-traditional rumors that Apple would shift its CPU orders to TSMC.

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4 Responses to “Despite court battles, Apple switches back to Samsung as main iPad display supplier”

  1. Eddie Craven says:

    It’s because LG (Goldstar) sells an inferior product and Apple knows it.


  2. How many years have suppliers other than Samsung tried to get their acts together to produce for Apple? It’s seems like we’ve been reading headlines about weak LCD suppliers for ages…