Lately, there has been a storm of rumored iPhone 6 images, renders, schematics, and videos. We’ve seen just about everything that the rumor mill has to offer at this point. All of the mockups that have been floating around may not match up with Apple’s official iPhone 6 design, but they are definitely convincing to an extent.

We recently put together a video comparing an iPhone 6 mockup to the iPhone 5s and fifth generation iPod touch, but what about Apple’s other iOS devices? In the video below, we compare this alleged iPhone 6 design to the iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iPod touch. Hopefully this massive comparison will put an end to any other questions regarding the rumored iPhone 6 design, but based on the mockup units we’ve obtained the iPhone 6 is going to be a very large device and possibly feature a sharper 1704 x 960 resolution display.

The iPhone 6 is rumored to have a 4.7-inch display that will give it a much larger body, but hopefully Apple will keep it slim with an iPod touch form-factor. Apple may be stepping into phablet territory with this rumored design, but it’s not necessary due to the display size. Because of the iPhone-standard top and bottom bezels, this mockup stands similarly in height to other flagship Android smartphones like the HTC One M8 or Samsung Galaxy S5 as we’ve shown in a previous comparison video. Along with that, the mockup actually makes up more than half the length of Apple’s iPad mini with Retina Display.

The overall size of the mockup would lead me to believe that the iPhone 6 will somewhat kill one-handed use in certain situations. Having a larger device isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but keep in mind, this mockup is based on rumors and speculation. This may not reflect the official iPhone 6 design when it’s released later this year. When comparing the design between these iOS devices, this iPhone 6 mockup seems very believable. The bottom layout of the iPhone 5c matches up almost identically (except size) to the cutouts and ports found on the iPhone 6 mockup. Again, this doesn’t mean much right now as nothing has been confirmed about the iPhone 6.

Check out the massive comparison video below:

Gallery (click to enlarge):

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28 Responses to “Detailed iPhone 6 mockup compared to iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s, and iPod touch (4K video)”

  1. Do you think you can compare the size to a banana? I’m sitting her with a banana and wondering what the iPhone 6 would look like in relation to it.


  2. Timmy Seo says:

    oh hey look another mock-up article… I can’t wait till the real Apple-made video of iPhone 6.


  3. zubeirg87 says:

    I think it’s a shame Apple is abandoning easy one-handed usability after having so proudly boasted the feature in the iPhone 5. They even said in their ad that it is a “dazzling display of common sense”, if I can properly recall. Now they are contradicting themselves. Or may be they lost their dazzling common sense. I think they are losing their status of being the ones teaching people what is good. Instead they are the ones being taught what is good. Anyway that is my personal opinion. We all need to see what they come up with when they actually announce the iPhone 6.


    • Len Williams says:

      You presume that they will stop producing an iPhone the size of the current 5s/5c. I believe Apple will continue to manufacture the current model for a while and will potentially offer the iPhone in 3 sizes — meaning that those who agree with Apple’s prior one-handed use statement will be satisfied, and so will those who want larger screens. Sales will determine if their new size strategies are what’s popular with the general public. Offering choice is a good thing. Who cares if they’re contradicting themselves if people vote with their wallets for the larger phones. Times and tastes change. I’m looking forward to upgrading my 4S to the 4.7 iPhone 6 (if indeed this size actually exists). The 5.5″ screen might be just a bit too large for me, but regardless, I’m looking forward to the options.


      • zubeirg87 says:

        I hope you are right. I also hope that in the long run, new tech might make it possible to further reduce the bezels, so even 4.7″ phones will be easily one-handed operable. I’m also an apple fan but was just not too happy about those large phones. I guess we all have to wait to see how Apple makes things.


    • Change is good Zubeirg87 – I bet people like you complained when the 8 track was abandon.


      • Liz Young says:

        Nothing wrong with change except when the company praising their smaller screen as being a “dazzling display of common sense” completely contradicts the product they are releasing now. Apple is brilliant at taking advantage of the “need it now” mentality and lack of long term memory idiots that buy these products year after year without a true need for it.


    • Totally agree! I just bought an iPhone 5s just to be sure to have something in this smaller size. That big shit, now way!


  4. They need to make a one handed mode imo. I saw the galaxy 5 prime mock up and it looks like all phones of the future will look the same with just a slab of metal. I wonder if this cycle Apple will be able to get away with withholding key features that would make the device easier to use, so they can put it in the next iPhone. I hope they come out with something that makes the iPhone better than the rest, besides the responsive touchscreen.


  5. If this is the design, this offers a nice comparison between all devices.


  6. Alex Kaess says:

    Why does the iPhone 6 mockup consistently have those thick, ugly antenna cutouts on the back? From a design standpoint, I think Martin Hajek’s mockup for the back of the iPhone 6 is much more realistic. Just two simple thin lines (similar to the new HTC One M8). I think a good points of comparison for thickness are the lines on the side of the iPhone 5/5S. In my opinion, I interpret the schematics that show antenna bands wrapping around the top to be purely internal, and they will not be visible by way of external cutouts.

    Martin Hajek’s mockup:


  7. rogifan says:

    Man all these rumor sites are really embarrassing themselves with these stupid mock up posts. It’s just as bad as before the iPhone 4S when we got all these teardrop mockups and 3rd party case leaks.


  8. This article? Again? Really? How many times are you going to post an article which is essentially just a picture of a mockup that you bought from some guy?

    Do you even understand that the point of writing an article is to have an argument, a point of view, or some little piece of actual news? This is not that.

    What’s next? iPhone 6 mockup compared to the hood of my car? iPhone 6 mockup compared to the size of a beer? The possibilities for these crap “articles” of yours are endless.


  9. I think I’m more hyped about the iWatch , I guess cause I know I’m already getting the next iPhone


  10. that design is still hideous 5s build is still best imo.

    Also the iphone 5c has the same look as the iphone 6, how do we know that this mockup isn’t an iphone 6c?


  11. markroder says:

    Is it just me, or does the iPod touch profile look the most refined?

    I’m really not sold on the rounded edges of the iPhone 6 mockup. They bulge out at the sides, and make the display look further from the edge. We also lose the chamfered edges! By contrast, the iPod touch keeps the chamfered edge, and has no side bulges; when seen face up the body just drops down below the display, and curves inwards to give that smooth in-the-hand feel.

    I really hope Apple runs with a tweaked iPod touch design, and not a rounded bulge. Fingers crossed.


  12. Definitely NOT a fan of a larger iPhone. I don’t always carry a purse so I like to slip my phone in my pocket. I really loved the 4s size the best. I want to feel like I have a good grip when holding in my hand. Won’t feel as secure with larger. May not get the 6 if it turns out to be larger.