Based on all of the iPhone 6 dummy units we’ve seen, this rumored design closely resembles Apple’s fifth generation iPod touch, but that’s not all. As shown in the video below, the alleged iPhone 6 design looks very similar to another flagship smartphone released this year.

The HTC One M8 and iPhone 6 mockup look like cousins or long-lost brothers when it comes to their design. Of course there’s no confirmation that Apple is actually using this design for the iPhone 6, but almost all of these mockups have been manufactured based on “leaked” schematics and specifications.

The rumored 4.7-inch display, thin body style, and curved edges make this mockup look very similar to the HTC One M8, but it’s also possible that Apple took design cues from other Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5. The lock/power button has been moved to the side of this mockup and is likely there to accommodate the larger screen size and provide easy access when using the device with one hand.

All three devices share similarities in size and thickness, but the iPhone 6 is very close in dimensions when compared to the Galaxy S5. Obviously, the Galaxy S5 has a bigger 5.1-inch display, but Apple won’t be too far behind if the iPhone 6 ships as a 4.7-inch model. If I were to compare the display size of this dummy iPhone 6 to another Android smartphone, the best possible option is the Moto X. Apple’s iPhone 6 is expected to be unveiled later this year and then we can finally put an end to all of these rumors.

Check out the detailed comparison video below:

Thanks to Sonny Dickson for helping us get a hold of these dummy units.

Gallery (click to enlarge):

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26 Responses to “Detailed Space Gray iPhone 6 mockup compared to HTC One M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5 (4K video)”

  1. This is no different than posting random reviews of the iPhone 5s…

    Stick to new rumors and stop reposting the same rumors over and over again!

    Shame on you!


  2. I stopped going to cultofmac because of the same regurgitated content. This iPhone 6 mockup shit is getting out of hand.


  3. jp386 says:

    The banana comparison was funny. Shows that you do read what people post.


  4. How is this even an article? Somebody fire Dom Delouise up there. All of his “articles” are like this.


  5. godofbiscuits says:

    I think you’re underrated (and obviously underreporting) the thinness of the iPhone mockup.

    For one-handed use, the iPod touch is on the other side of that threshold between it fitting in the joint of finger and “flat” between two joints on a finger. That will help tremendously in making it still a contender for one-handed use.


  6. The plastic on the back where the antennas will be are horrible. There is no way Apple will make an iPhone that will look like that. The slim all-metal design is great, but plastic for the antennas is not going to happen.


    • jorge1170x says:

      You sound awfully certain about that. You forget Jobs is gone, and the penny-pinchers and bean-counters now have more sway – hence the 5C. I think it is totally within the realm of possibility, and given the advance release just a few months away, it’s quite possible and likely that’s IT.


      • mazecookie says:

        And you sound awfully certain about that. And you are clearly uneducated on the matter.
        Jobs had plastic, even coloured products under his helm too. Forget the iMac? or the iPod?

        Of course it is not in this realm of possibility, it is a disgusting mockup, and Apple will never ship a phone with that hollow antenna ring.


  7. Man these mockups look like crap.


  8. 1st I don’t want a bigger iPhone!
    I do have small hands and need to use it one-hand.
    2nd the actual iPhone5(s) fits in my back pocket of my jeans. A larger one with rounded edges won’t fit completely and will slip of the pocket.

    3rd if the mockup is true, than it’s plain ugly! The iPhone 4 and 5(s) were distinguishable from all other smartphones just by their design.
    But now this supposed iPhone 6 just looks like any other smartphone.
    It’s like the modern SUVs. They all look the same like a sucked lollipop. Except for the Range Rover Evoque.
    But already the next coming SUVs are copying the Evoque’s design.

    Steve Jobs is gone. He saw at once if something was right or not. Tim Cook is just a money maker like all other CEOs. This iPhone 6 will only sell because of the bigger screen size but won’t get a design price.

    HTC will probably sue Apple for copying it’s design!

    Apple has patented the old form of the iPhone. They even told others (especially Samsung) how not to copy the iPhone design (Samsung S3 the first smartphone designed by (Apple) lawyers.)

    I will buy the iPhone 5s to replace my iPhone 5.


    • PMZanetti says:

      What a rambling rant of garbage.

      I won’t even comment on the stupidity of putting an iPhone in your BACK pocket, let alone the fact that the iPhone 6 won’t be so dramatically bigger as to have any effect on that.

      Further, you say you have small hands and need to use the phone with one hand. However, there is no way on earth you’re doing that NOW if you have an iPhone 5. With large hands, I can use maybe 2/3 of the display comfortably with one thumb (which is what you actually mean by one hand), maybe. That’s being generous. To really use it with one thumb, you must reposition your hand, or rock the phone toward you and down, destabilizing your grip. Do that all day long and it becomes irritating.

      Point being, the iPhone 5 is already a 2 handed device. One hand to hold. One index finger on the other hand to do it all.

      The iPhone 6 just improves upon what is already there. This is not the device that moves from 1 hand to 2. That happened in 2012.


      • Tallest Skil says:

        >>putting an iPhone in your BACK pocket

        I have NEVER understood this idea.


      • frankman91 says:

        Lots of girls stick phones in back pockets because their jeans have tiny side pockets. I personally would be terrified of sitting on it and smashing the thing, but I do see it often.


      • You are crazy, I don’t have big hands either, couldn’t like big samsung phones yet I’m comfortable using the iPhone 5 with one hand for most tasks! People who use their index finger of the other hand just have no thumb dexterity.


  9. confluxnz says:

    My God. If that mockup is even remotely close to the final iPhone 6 design, I might as well go buy a 5S tomorrow instead of waiting it out for an upgrade. What a truly fugly looking phone. I will be mortified if that is what Apple end up releasing. A 4.7″ screen is a little too big for my hands, so I hope they bring a 4″ variant out with the iPhone 6.


  10. rogifan says:

    Comparing a mock up that may or may not be real or the final product to existing phones. That’s pathetic.


  11. sardonick says:

    The only thing this shows me is that the HTC and the Galaxy both look better. Hopefully the end product is not related to the mockups.


  12. Looks like garbage.


  13. dridots says:

    Nice but I will wait for the 5.5 or 5.6 or 5.7. I am getting older with every model and my eyes are straining. I was going to be hard to switch to Android with the Samsung Note3 …however as much as I dislike the Samsung quality I can now wait till the bigger 6. I just hope it’s available in September


  14. drtyrell969 says:

    Innovation 2014 – Copy HTC!