We’ve recently obtained two iPhone 6 mockups in Gold and Space Gray and have put together a video comparing them to Apple’s iPhone 5s, fifth generation iPod touch, and the alleged iPhone 6 cases we’ve previously covered. We’ve seen quite a bit of news surrounding these dummy devices, but most of the time, the photos aren’t the best and we’re left wanting more information and details.

There’s no way to tell if these mockups will match up with Apple’s official design for the iPhone 6, but they certainly do fall in line with previous rumors and leaks. As shown in the video below, these iPhone 6 dummy units are very similar in design to Apple’s fifth generation iPod touch, but obviously much larger to support the rumors of a 4.7-inch display.

Interestingly enough, the cases that we obtained from a different source fit the iPhone 6 dummy units perfectly. That’s some pretty tight quality control on third-party cases and mockups based on rumored schematics. These mockups are almost too thin to take seriously, but it wouldn’t be impossible for Apple to make this happen given the iPod touch’s design. As we’ve seen with other dummy units, the measurements here match up identically with the rumors.

Check out the video below for a detailed look at the Gold and Space Gray iPhone 6 dummy:

Keep in mind, there’s nothing functional about these dummy devices, but their size and design may give us insight on what is coming down the line later this year. These dummy units have been designed based on previously leaked schematics that are rumored to be directly from Apple along with 3D renderings.

Thanks to Sonny Dickson for helping us get a hold of these dummy units.

Gallery (click to enlarge):

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40 Responses to “Gold and Space Gray iPhone 6 mockup vs iPhone 5s, 5th gen iPod touch, and alleged iPhone 6 cases (4K video)”

  1. Alex Andrews says:

    I really hope not because those new mockups look like crap, and kind of cartoonish from a design standpoint.

    • jrox16 says:

      I also hope this isn’t it.. I love rounded edges, but that plastic antenna separator is awful. Why so thick? And why does it curve up and over around the ends like that? That would provide for 5 separate isolated metal areas. Does the new phone need 5 antennas? What else could there be aside from cellular, Wifi, and Blue Tooth as far antennas go?

      • Steve Grenier says:

        When the mock-ups first started flooding in I was really excited about the look, but lately everyone has these hideous antenna separators. I hope they aren’t real, but I’m worried given the amount of people who seem to agree this is how it will look. I would be satisfied with a straight line, something more akin to the 5S, but this curved design is not appealing at all. Ah well. I’ll still get it, I want a larger screen. I miss the iPhone 4 design with the solid colour glass back. That was one beautiful device.

      • I can’t see why they would need antenna separators this large. I mean maybe with the new glass-free design they had to make them larger, but the lines in the iPhone 5 & 5S are so thin they are hardly noticeable.

  2. i think it’s gonna take me a while to get used to this new design (if this is even the real thing) but i’m pretty sure i’ll end up loving it

  3. Meh, once you slap a case on it it won’t matter. I’ve only seen my iPhone naked once :) when it came out of the box it went direct to a spigen neohybrid :)

    • tool022611 says:

      I keep my iPhone out of a case and don’t put a screen protector on it so I really hope these antennas are not true. I take good care of my phones, no case for the 7 months I’ve had it and still looks new, no scratches on the screen either.

  4. Dom, anyway I can buy a mockup from you? I tried going through the channels that you guys wrote about in asia but I couldn’t translate the website enough to navigate and buy one… any help would be appreciated mate.

  5. What on earth is going on with the camera on the mockup of the white iPhone 6?! that looks like someone taped a paper doughnut over the lens! It’s the little details that make a mockup more believable!

  6. So, nothing new at all from the last five articles … except some tedious commentary.

    Also, worth noting that although these dummies are based on schematics, there are at least two *different* schematics floating around out there, and they only agree on the overall shape and button placement. For instance there is another schematic, that implies that we *won’t* be seeing those lines on the back and that the camera will be flush.

    I prefer to believe that one myself as those lines are some seriously ugly sh*t.

  7. They are not particularly super bad but… that curved edges doesn’t really make that much of a sense. And those lines also are something that Apple shouldn’t go for. But every year around May-June we start to see basically the real thing (more or less). So I’ll wait until late June, if the leaks are still the same, I guess we’ll have to adapt the design and get over it. And yet, as was once said already – 95% of us are not taking out their iGadgets without cases anyway. The functionalities are much higher anticipated…

  8. I fear Apple will not make any innovations in their software to make the phone easier and faster to use. They will make a bigger screen that has the possibility to make the phone more cumbersome to use, and may have too many icons on screen. They need to figure out how I can get to my favorite, most needed app quickly, and be able to do a few things at the same time. They made ios 7 with slow animations that was fucked up of them. They will do the same thing next time. If the iWatch doesn’t blow us away, I think a lot of people will migrate to Android, and buy an iPad.

  9. zubeirg87 says:

    I will always prefer a device that is easily one-handed operable. So I’m not for this larger iPhone. I hope Apple never lose the 4″ form factor. For me that is the perfect size. The only thing acceptable to me would have been to keep the same width as all previous iPhone, but increase the display size by reducing the bezels. But it clearly seems that this is not what is coming and that is just too bad.

    • The market clearly wants bigger and bigger smartphones – whatever we enthusiasts may wish for ourselves – otherwise Samsung et al. would not be having the success they currently enjoy. Only cheap phones and Apple still cling to a 4 inch or less screen.

      • zubeirg87 says:

        I guess you are right. Though I personally think that they should have only extended the iPhone to 4.5″. Keeping the same pixel density the res would have been almost exactly 720×1280. That sounded like the perfect size to me, taking into account factors like one-handed usage. Also the phone would have been just HD, so movies would have fitted perfectly at 720p.
        My view is that phones should be divided into 2 categories. Those that can be one-handed operated, and those that cannot. I think 4.5″ is the limit for one-handed usability. Beyond that it becomes two-handed. Since you’ll be needing two hands, you might as well extend the size to what two hands can support. Hence I was thinking that 4.5″ and 5.5″ were the right sizes to go. That is my opinion. Guess we all have to wait and see how things turn around. I’m just sad if Apple abandon their one-handed usage principle.

  10. Rushad Antia says:

    they really need to work on batterylife rather than anything else

  11. I was too distracted by that dry skin to care about the video.

    What are all those ‘dummies’ based on again?

    Ah right, a blurred image captures on a computer screen three months ago.

    • What a bizarre thing to say. (dry skin). The guy has perfectly normal hands.

      What, do you slather yours with lotion all day long? Unless you are a female and wealthy, that’s just insane. Are you in the habit of looking down your nose at manual workers? It’s insane to expect some random tech guy to use hand lotion for sure.

      Weird, weird, weird.

  12. I’m so sick of seeing all these iPhone 6 “Mockups”. We get it already.

    • jorge1170x says:

      We all are, yet we come back and read the similar posts. Hey, he has a duty to report whatever is a possible “new” development…If he didn’t, we’d be taking our clicks to another site, so good for him.

  13. rettun1 says:

    I’m glad that banana was there, otherwise I’d have zero sense of scale.

    Also, somebody should make a mockup with glass inlays by the camera and on the bottom back so we can see if that’d look better. The back looks great, otherwise. Now about those bezels…

  14. Now, I’m gonna buy some iPhone 5s’ in number.. DAMN that is way too big and too ugly!

  15. Awesome Dom!!! Would love to see more coverage of the Iphone 6!

  16. I’m in for a bigger iPhone. Apparently I’m the only one, so I appreciate Tim and Jony designing just for me.

  17. Tim Jr. says:

    Mockups are wrong.. the top and bottom back panels will color match the antenna outlines.. black on space grey and white on gold, etc.

    • Tim Jr. says:

      Remember, those panels are glass..

    • Tim Jr. says:

      and those drawings, were meant for case mfg.. they were meant to emphasize antenna locations so case makers didn’t block signals.. not show aesthetic design of phone.

    • Tim Jr. says:

      If they actually bothered to color match top/bottom panels, as Apple surely will, it would have looked nice..

  18. Khairul says:

    If the iPhone 6 doesn’t look like that, I’ll unsubscribe.

  19. If the 6 ends up looking like this then i’ll be upgrading to the 5s

  20. CAN YOU Pleaseeeeee Stop With this Mockup stories and Video they don’t contribute anything. It’s very annoying i am a 9to5 Mac Reader and recently I don’t even want to come to the site because of this.