If you’re eligible for education pricing, iGeneration noticed that the discounts available on Macs through the Apple Store for Education have now been extended to iPads. The discounts are modest, ranging from $20 to $30, but it all helps.

Education pricing is available to pretty much everyone working or studying in higher education: students, faculty, staff – even parents of students – as well as employees of K-12 schools.

Discounted iPad prices for the base spec 16GB wifi models are:

  • iPad mini: $279 ($20 off)
  • iPad mini with Retina display: $379 ($20 off)
  • iPad Retina display (4th Gen): $379 ($20 off)
  • iPad Air: $469 ($30 off)

The discounts appear to be rolling out internationally, already available in some countries but not yet all.

If your college belongs to the Apple on Campus program, the same modest discounts on iPads appear to be available, in contrast to the significantly better discounts offered on Macs.

As always, we recommend tuning into 9to5Toys to find the absolute best prices on iPads and all other Apple gear. For example, we recently featured a 16GB iPad Air for $400 ($100 off), 16GB Retina iPad mini with LTE for $355 ($174 off), and a 64GB iPad mini (1st gen) for $349 (orig. $599).


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7 Responses to “Apple extends education pricing to iPad, offering discounts of $20-30”

  1. patstar5 says:

    You could buy 2 chromebooks or windows laptops for that price.


  2. accdla says:

    Refurb Ipads are still way cheaper


  3. I work at an Authorized Apple Campus Store. It’s my understanding the discounts on iPads you mention (known as their “Graduation Promotion”) ONLY apply until June 28th. They were originally good through June 7th, but as of today Apple extended the discounts to June 28th, as well as added an additional $5.00 discount to the iPad Air. Not sure why Apple doesn’t mention the dates on their website for Education however. They are also offering in this promo $25 off desktop Macs, as well as $50 off Macbooks, in addition to their normal education prices for those models.