Following the WWDC 2014 banners going live around and inside Moscone West, Apple has begun putting up banners to promote iOS 8. Business Insider’s Jay Yarow first published the photo on Twitter. The logo is shown above what appears to be an ocean in the background, not unlike iOS 6′s logo in 2012.



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63 Responses to “iOS 8 banners start going live at Moscone West for WWDC”

  1. crichton007 says:

    It looks like that security guard wanted to block the shot but didn’t.

    • Eli Matar says:

      When the spaceship lands, some aspects of the surprise elements will finally come back.
      Zero banners pictures-check.

      • whatyoutalkingboutwillis says:

        the banners don’t give that much information away, and Apple still puts banners that showcase new features under black cloaks… The only information the current banners show is that there is going to be an iOS 8.

      • The pictures also suggest another crappy, surfing-related OS name with associated wallpaper.

        I don’t get why these guys don’t realise how their endless promotion of California as being “better than anywhere else” on the planet is so offensive and rude to so many people.

      • I’m not sure you “understand” how quotes “work” Mr. Grey.

      • IF you are offended by someone talking about where they are from and/or where they work, you are part of the reason this nation is going down hill. people get offended when they “think” they should instead of when it really happens. AKA if someone says something and people jump on the bandwagon others will follow just because but if someone says something and people ignore it it just goes to the waste side.

      • jrox16 says:

        Yeah, I’m sure the BMW logo offends people so much too…. give me a break. No one is offended that a California company, which has it’s roots since its inception in California, and loves California, use Californian names in their products a few times. Jeez, there’s so much more in the world to be offended by.

        p.s. I case you didn’t know, BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works as in Bavaria, Germany, where BMW is headquartered.

      • Eli Matar says:

        Guys, guys, guys… stick to the subject.

      • irelandjnr says:

        iOS doesn’t get public code names. You’re thinking of OS X, and that poster has an image of El Capitan on it. Though that release is likely to be called Yosemite.

  2. Looks amazing! One thing I noticed is that isn’t Helvetica Neue Ultralight

  3. silverdiablo says:

    She didn’t have the right perspective on it.

  4. watsonega says:

    It’s that time again! :D

  5. Logo? What logo? An Helvetica 8?

  6. Karel says:

    Aaah… I remember this Friday last year. When the OS X banners went up, and it showed a Helvetice Neue ‘X’. The excitement! OS X was getting an overhaul! We thought…

  7. I wonder what iOS 8 will bring? Will we finally get some widgets? Will we see the iWatch? Or will I be upset cause they show the same thing and make it seem like it’s new?? LOL Oh Monday Monday Monday :)

  8. That lady is like “GTFO.”

  9. iOS 8, back to Auqa!

  10. I’m thinking the water in the background of the banner may indicate a water resistant or “active” iphone.

  11. Anooj Patel says:

    That lady security guard’s face was priceless

  12. Don’t we usually see those backgrounds for OS X versions?
    Just saying ^^ (unified experience to come?)

  13. I think we need new innovations and technology going forward for us to be able to communicate better in this vast moving sector

  14. royabbink says:

    I guess most of the new stuff is ‘under the surface’ in iOS 8.

  15. Ben says:

    That’s an infinity symbol (note the overlap at the intersection).

  16. Alex Firth says:

    What font are they using for the ’8′? I don’t think it’s the ‘classic’ Helvetica Neue…

  17. patstar5 says:

    That wallpapers makes me want to switch back to ios. …..

  18. iOS 8 or OS X Infinity… Or both… Hmmmm

  19. Try flipping the logo and see what happens. :)


  20. Kyler Erwin says:

    Oh Man does this mean iOS 8 will actually waterproof my phone when I update to it?!

  21. Am I the only one that thinks that looks more like an OS X banner than an iOS 8 banner?
    The OS X banner last year had the ocean behind it, much like this does.
    I’m seriously wondering if we may see more integration, and unification of the two platforms.

    It’s obviously got an infinity symbol appearance to it, which we know apple likes: See “One Infinite Loop”, so wonder what that might be. Apple has obviously made it clear that they intend to use Californian themed names for OS X from here on out, maybe something to do with water?

    Either way, can’t wait for Monday! So glad apple is streaming this one.

  22. I don’t think that was water in the background of the iOS6. Looks more like a blue background with individual windows/icons. If you back to last year and Mavericks, it was the blue/green wave with the “X”. Now we are seeing a “8″ with a water background. Either they are going to start using some nautical theme now with iOS releases OR maybe this is Representative of iOS8 and OS X being more unified from a coding standpoint. Think of the direction that Apple’s own productivity Apps went last year. The OS X apps were more in line with iOS versions and rebuilt from the ground up to have a unified structure across all platforms (including the ability to use non-apple browsers for viewing/editing, etc). Maybe now there is a unified coding approach to creating apps for both iOS8 and OSX. Probably with iCloud integration as well.

  23. Peter says:

    It looks like it is upside down.

  24. Apple obviously has created waterproof software. “Can’t innovate, my ass”

  25. Does this mean iOS8 will in fact waterproof my iPhone?

  26. Akhil V Nair says:

    just visit this website “”

  27. I haven’t been that excited in such a long time!!!

  28. Ahh i can’t wait for iOS 8 ! Cant wait to beta test it on the iPhone 5S :D My biggest hope is bug fixes cause all you see is a lot of bugs in iOS 7 , i hope they redesigned a lot of stuff when apple pushed from iOS 4 to 5 they made them the same but with futures same with iOS 5 to 6 but by knowing apple they have something up there sleeve!

  29. for everyone who are keeping high hopes for iOS 8, calm your self you will not see any major change, small tweaks and big changes in background working, so keep calm and wait for the Keynote.