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Apple revealed today that it will indeed be streaming video of the anticipated opening keynote from WWDC next week, and now banners are beginning to be displayed through Moscone West in San Francisco where Apple’s developer conference will be held. The banners so far reflect the same design used in the WWDC promotional material for this year including the “Write the code. Change the world” slogan used by Apple. Apple has already revealed much of the schedule for its developer conference next week where the next versions of OS X and iOS will be revealed including the keynote announcement set to take place on Monday, June 2nd at 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern.

Last week, Apple released an update to its iPhone and iPad WWDC app containing the venue map and much of the conference schedule. However, Apple has playfully hidden the majority of this year’s session titles until after the keynote scheduled for Monday.

We’ve already reported much of what is to be expected from the latest update to OS X (OS X 10.10) and iOS (iOS 8) including Healthbook, and yesterday a new report was released signaling Apple will unveil an iOS-controlled smart home automation platform at the conference.

In addition to WWDC, two top Apple executives are scheduled to offer interviews this week. Eddy Cue, Apple’s SVP of Internet and Software Services, and Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, are both announced as appearances as Re/code’s Code Conference tomorrow night.

Apple typically displays a number of banners including ones for OS X and iOS as we saw last year so email us at tips@9to5mac.com if you spot any more goodies.

(Thanks again iOSVlog Daily)

From Wednesday morning:

(Thanks anonymous!)

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22 Responses to “Apple displaying colorful banners at Moscone West ahead of WWDC 2014”

  1. Could the pixels in the banner represent higher resolution in all the product lines? Hmmmmmm….


    • jrox16 says:

      That’s a great “Glen Beck”! Where’s the blackboard?

      In all seriousness… if Apple wants to release the iWatch this year, and if they want to do so WITH some 3rd party apps available for it in the app store, they will need to show it off along with all the new APIs for it, etc…. at this WWDC in order for devs to have any time to work on it. There’s only two (well 3 actually) possibilities that Apple won’t show off the iWatch at WWDC14:

      1) They won’t release the iWatch in 2014.
      2) They plan to launch with zero 3rd party app support and thus keep secret until launch.
      3) There is no iWatch and never will be.

      Start the voting!



  2. My insides are tingling.


  3. I wish every of those little squares on the banners would mean pixels on the new iPhone 6 with better display, that has over 400PPI


  4. Didn’t the show Silicon Valley have an episode where everyone’s startup mission was like . code to save the world… Or something like that. Just thought it was funny.


  5. I think there will be more banners displayed later this week reveiling more, perhaps.


  6. This was from last year: http://cdn1.appleinsider.com/WWDC.060713.4.jpg
    So more banners yet to come (hopefully)


  7. And it has started,
    The countdown has started

    Can’t wait to for the OSX & iOS banners to go up.


  8. If you mirror the banner (top of the apple logo), you see an ‘8’


  9. Isn’t Apple logo, it is a top of a heart!


  10. Eli Matar says:

    The Apple doesnt fit in the the small rectangle. iWatch?


  11. jrox16 says:

    Cast your vote about the mythical iWatch…



  12. Maybe they just mean the new colors for iPhone 5C or 6C… =P


  13. Kay Vee says:

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  14. I know this is unlikely but perhaps the new OSX redesign will have iOS style app icons to make app icons identical across both platforms making is more ‘accessible’ to new mac users…? Who knows, I don’t mind either way.