Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.10.56 AMApple has updated its website to announce that it will be live streaming next week’s WWDC Keynote address for all to watch. As per usual, the event will be available on Macs running Safari 4 or later, iOS Devices running iOS 4.2 or later, Windows machines running Quicktime 7, and via an application on the Apple TV. The event kicks off at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern time on Monday, June 2nd. Apple says that it has “exciting announcements” in store for the event (as it says for all of its events), which is likely to include talk of iOS 8 with Healthbook, a redesigned OS X 10.10, and new hardware products. We’ll be on hand live to bring you the latest news from the conference.


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26 Responses to “Apple to live stream ‘exciting’ WWDC keynote for everyone to watch”

  1. Yay, a live stream! Awesome!


  2. I’m looking forward to it but not really as much as i did in the last years… not wanting to be depressing, but apple hasn’t wowed me in a very long time… at least since the last keynote :P really hope apple triggers my obsession for its products again by unveiling something new and exciting in this keynote :)


  3. I’m getting excited!!!


  4. I hope they don’t fuck up 10.10
    Giving it a flat overhaul is alright but please don’t make it look too colourful with giddy transitions


  5. lovely, i just got my apple tv box for my new tv screen….


  6. Why not just put it on Youtube like every other company?


  7. If your in London come watch it in a party atmosphere in a screening theatre.

    WWDC Apple Keynote Coverage LMUG style in a Screening Theatre

    Monday, Jun 2, 2014, 5:30 PM

    London Transport Museum
    Covent Garden Piazza, London WC2E 7BB, GB

    104 Members Went

    Update 4:Only a few hours to go, here’s what you need to know ahead of the event on Monday.1)  the cubic theatre is on the right down the stairs when you go in the main entrance of the museum.2) the bar is CASH ONLY, as well as the raffle.3) The raffle prize is a brillant jawbone jambox ( sorry my DRE is better than the beats pill)4) please …

    Check out this Meetup →


    • iPadCary says:

      Jesus Christmas, what a great idea! I can’t believe here in The Capitol Of The World® (that, obviously, being NYC) some Apple fan group hasn’t done something similar. Now I’m just gonna watch it, alone, whilst sitting on the toilet smoking a Marlboro®.


  8. I can’t believe I just took the day off so that I can live stream this.
    Apple events have become an holiday for me.


  9. coolguyme says:

    we have no idea what to expect!


  10. Is the latest WWDC poster a little X-Rated??? lol


  11. iPadCary says:

    Homescreen webicon notated & done: ooooon Monday!!


  12. Deion Watson says:

    I can’t wait, I hope they bring out something amazing.


  13. Looking forward in watching WWDC. Here a few questions:
    – If Apple purchase the Beats, will the headphones of the iOS device will be beats? If yes will Apple changes from white wire to red?
    – Will OS X 10.10 will remain free to download?
    – Will developers will be able to purchase iOS 8 after the keynote with no hiccups?