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Following today’s WWDC 2014 keynote, Apple has just refreshed their website with tons of new information on iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, and all of the new developer announcements unveiled at the keynote. (Now let’s just hope they update that navigation bar soon!)

Apple has also refreshed the Dev Center with new betas for registered developers.

Stay tuned to 9to5Mac for more news coverage from WWDC 2014. 


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17 Responses to “ updated with information on iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, and more”

  1. patstar5 says:

    What macs will support os yosemite? Will my mid 2010 macbook pro with Intel core 2 duo support it?


  2. Beta Feedback Assistant Update running in an 404… someone?


  3. Kenny Tang says:

    Can anyone view the Yosemite pages? When I click on the Yosemite link on Apple website it’s still Mavericks.
    By the way it’s 3:38AM in Hong Kong…… feel very sleepy now but it’s worth.


  4. For all those who gets the 404 error message, don’t worry. They just got huge amounts of traffic from people trying to download the beta. Wait a couple of hours and try again later.

    I will try later to night because I’m in no hurry to try it and I like it when it’s less traffic.


  5. Will the opening up of Touch ID to 3rd party apps mean jailbroken apps like Virtual home can be created for non-jailbroken users? (Virtual home basically means when you press your finger on Touch ID and the device is unlocked, it acts as if you’ve pushed down the home button without actually pressing it).


  6. TR Geng says:

    You can sign up for the public beta release of OS X Yosemite through this link:


  7. The updated Feedback Assistant is still not there, even though the 3.3.2 version directs you to the link. Still just the 3.3.2 version downloads. I contacted Apple the other day and they said “they are working on it”. How long can it take to link the proper file on their webpage?? Seems like they are withholding it for some reason, IMHO.