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With iOS 8, Apple will now backup of all your photos. The limitations of Photo Stream seem to have gone away. Apple will now store all of your photos in iCloud, regardless of what device you take them on. iPhones and iPads can view these entire libraries, without having to download them to local storage. The photos stream in as you scroll.

Storage is only limited by your iCloud Storage. Apple has announced new cheaper storage plans to go along with the new philosophy.

Apple is also adding a whole host of color and other editing features into the Photos app. This includes things like color correction, brightness, cropping and more. These edits automatically sync across devices.

iOS Simulator Screen shot 2 Jun 2014 19.17.42


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3 Responses to “Apple now stores ‘every photo you take on all of your devices’ with new Photos app”

  1. The old limited photo stream didn’t even count towards your iCloud storage. Now those same 1000 photos will take up a significant portion of your free storage allowance, so unless you want to pay Apple you will need to manage the photos and then go in and delete them. Hopefully it’s possible to do this on a Mac (using iCloud drive) and not have to depend on an iOS tap tap tap a few hundred times to select the photos that you want to delete.


    • This.
      I was trying to think why i hated this idea yesterday and kept thinking, well, they gave us 5GB free before and still do now, even though I’d prefer more. I wish they said all iOS device photos/videos are free to store forever…want to add other photos, then you can pay. Bad enough that the Backups alone are getting close to 5GB…even with NO Camera Roll.


  2. Why would I want to pay for extra iCloud storage for photos when I have ample storage available on my mac? – hope local back-up is still available ……