Looks like the Macs running OS X “Yosemite” for today’s demo are running up on stage uncovered and in public view. A flatted dock, white trash can, red iTunes icon, green FaceTime app, iOS 7-style Safari icon, as well as redesigned Finder, Calendar, Messages, Settings and other icons are visble.

Get a closer look at the icons below:


So there it is folks. The redesigned OS X desktop. Follow our live blog for up-to-the-second coverage of the entire keynote.

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93 Responses to “Here’s your first look at OS X 10.10 Yosemite”

  1. Ivan Zdane says:

    I don’t like the new dock. It looks like the ones from the old versions of OS X

    • It’s a pity. Since 10.0 I liked every version of OS X. Now, it looks like the designers went blind and were just throwing design elements at the screen :(
      It’s not only how things look (like 30 years ago, when there weren’t resources for shadows etc) , it’s also how they are misplaced.

  2. Looks like going back to the past with this rectangle Dock :(


  4. iSRS says:

    Like it! Not really a difference, just iOS like dock

  5. This is going to be fun.

  6. interesting…spotted the different icons…looks almost 4:3 on screen Wallpaper looks really nice!

  7. Somebody made a mistake….. :)

  8. Gerson Silva says:


  9. iSRS says:

    New Safari, FaceTime, iTunes, Settings icons, and a new icon between iTunes and FaceTime

  10. looks exactly like the dock in 10.4 before they changed it to the current one

  11. hillmaxwell says:

    I Like it!

  12. rlowhit says:

    Red grabs attention, prelude to changes for an application that has not been clicked on for sometime?

  13. Dan Eaton says:

    The left and right hand bezels look wider than my late 2012 iMac, not sure what late 2013 looks like off hand – or are these just Apple Displays?

  14. I was hoping for a MUCH more radical redesign :\

  15. Love that background though.

  16. Josh Linne says:

    The red iTunes logo is iTunes Radio. The real iTunes is on the left of the dock

  17. I really like this design. And lesson hopefully learned Apple, turn off your keynote devices.

  18. Jasper Yeung says:

    pli don’t tell me thats the truth, from that picture, the new osx looks terrible…. :(

  19. I can’t help but think it’s fake, the aspect ratio is weird, the margins on the side are way to big and the light seems to affect everything but the display

  20. What a sad, sad day for Apple and OS X. An utterly hideous glimpse for what is to come. I guess aesthetics isn’t an important consideration in design any longer. Can’t help but wonder what the late, great Steve Jobs would make of this new direction. Shame they couldn’t have make iOS look more like OS X, but that’s fantasy land of course. It certainly couldn’t look worse than this. So, so disappointed. Windows is looking better every day, and I never thought I’d be saying that!

    • Well good, you can go convert and stop spewing nonsense on here. Bye!

      • Why would I try to convert anyone Chad? I’ve been using, and loving Macs since 89′ So I’m a little colourful in expressing my opinion. So what? Simply because you don’t agree with it, doesn’t make it nonsense. Bye!

      • You saying “nonsense”? Go fuck yourself, stupid applofaggot!
        I used to work on mac os since tiger, before iphone appeared! And mac os that time was best os!
        Now it is really sad, mac os just died and you jumping on it’s grave, you idiot!
        Rip mac os x

    • Ry L says:

      I think it looks good

    • Are you kidding? It looks virtually the same. Much less dramatic of a redesign than I anticipated, which is good for all the people like you who cling on to the past and refuse to move forward. And you do realize that this is how the dock originally looked in Mac OSX 10.0-10.4…..right? Aside from the blurred translucency, its literally the same as it once was. Which looks much better.

      Seriously, get over it. If Steve Jobs was the person introducing this, I can guarantee your reaction would be different.

      • Well if the recent past is where beautiful, considered, timeless design resides, then it’s worth remembering (or ‘clinging to’ as you say). In any case I was referring not to the dock, but the icons thrown onto it (should have been more specific) – as I agree the rest looks relatively unchanged. I love Apple and will likely always stick with them.

        Re: Jobs – yeah, well there’s nothing wrong with honouring and respecting someone who had such impeccable taste in design. And no, you can’t guarantee my reaction any more than I can guarantee you’ll flame the next poster who disagrees with your sense of ‘acceptable’ design. But let’s face it, it’s quite likely you will.

    • I totally agree with you.. I would rather switch to xubuntu, than install this shit..

  21. If you use the Dock you are a n00b. Just hide it and stick to using Alfred. All problems solved. The Dock is there for people who have no idea how to use a Mac.

  22. I reckon its likely that will link to their Beats deal, however that’s just a thought.

  23. iSRS says:

    And, wow! So much hate for something that looks 95% the same as it does today!

  24. andreww500 says:

    Looks nicer than I was expecting actually.

  25. nullifiedone says:

    Looks like osx tiger :p

  26. iTunes turns red because of Beats Music? I don’t know, we’ll see.

  27. … Macs running OS X Mavericks? OS X Yosemite it is! ;)

  28. That dock is really ugly. That Itunes icon is ugly. WTF is wrong with Apple ?

  29. Ronen Magid says:

    where is my nice dock ? this is TIGER…..

  30. Ken Collins says:

    First they named OS X after cats, then loners (Mavericks). But instead of continuing with OS X Renegades, they are going to place names in California? Mavericks is a maverick indeed. Based on the previews, I’m not downgrading to OS ten ten ten. The user interface, that is, the part that interfaces with me, is ugly and harsh, and has all the charm of an 80s video game.

    Yes, I found out that Mavericks is a beach that is very famous among people who live within ten miles of Cupertino, or some people who surf. It isn’t a good choice. To Apple Store employees, “OS X Renegades” was always why-didn’t-I-think-of-it hilarious.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      So you know absolutely nothing whatsoever about the software, yet you feel confident that it is a “downgrade” and will be idiotically not updating to it.

      Okay. Why do we care about your “opinion”, then? $0.50 per post from Samsung must go a long way.

      • Ken Collins says:

        If this is what it looks like, the UI is definitely a downgrade. I’m sure that what’s under the hood is an upgrade, but I won’t upgrade to it if the only part of it I can see looks as flat as a Yogi Bear cartoon, ugly, and cheap. Under the hood, I’m sure it will be an upgrade, but if I wanted ugly, I would have bought Windows. Maybe you would marry an ugly girl because she has a nice personality even though she is flat, but I’m a l little picky. I think that the UI should at least bathe and comb its hair once a month and not get dressed out of the laundry hamper.

        Why do you care what I think? Instead of getting mad and calling me names, you have learned an important piece of information. Some Mac users still expect Apple to treat them like adults and give them a beautiful UI that doesn’t look like it was designed for ages 4-8.

        I stopped watching Saturday morning cartoons as a child when they got flat and angular, and the characters “moved” by standing still across a repeating background. Maybe this UI is distracting us from a truly beautiful UI that they are going to release. I hope so. But if the pictures are genuine, I’m out of here. I’m to old to use my Mac while I’m in my jammies eating Cocoa Puffs.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Okay, enjoy your FUD. Now you have a full DOLLAR! Imagine how many pieces of gum that will buy.

  31. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    Looks good. Not as drastic a change as I expected. Very nice so far.

  32. Ken Collins says:

    There is an small area in California called Shenandoah. It may have been named by homesick Virginia settlers, because the Shenandoah Valley (200 miles long), the Shenandoah River (55 miles long), Shenandoah County (1772), and the Shenandoah National Park (200,000 acres) are in Virginia, and the song, “O Shenandoah,” which dates before the California gold rush, is about Virginia.

    Some Californians are a bit geographically myopic, but not without cause: on a population density map, California is pretty isolated. So, who’s willing to bet that there will be an OS X Shenandoah?

  33. iOS icon…wouldn’t that suggest an emulator for iOS apps..if not then they should make that

  34. Sigh, its looking more and more like iOS7 UI design :(
    Terrible icon colours. Sigh sigh sigh.
    Oh well, guess we don’t have a choice.

    And that translucent menu bar thing, you know, Microsoft made this on Vista in 2006. Thats 8 years ago.
    Apple should have done this years and years ago but only now are they waking up.

    Tim was more cheerful and delightful than before, not so boring as previous presentations. Thats a good improvement, well done Tim.

    Am glad they dropped the ever so uninformative and boring “we opened xx amount of stores this year, here are the videos”, but I suppose that will come in September alongside the iPhone release.

  35. I’m more interested in the new user features than the color change to the buttons and icons. Just tweak them with something else. I’ve been doing that forever to personalize things. I like, no. LOVE. the update. They’ve competed with and out-done themselves. Again. They never cease to pull the rabbit out of the hat right when everyone starts complaining they aren’t innovating enough. This OS X/iOS 8 combination is going to be STOUT. No reason to leave the walled garden now. Windows and Android with never, ever work this well together or even anywhere close to resembling the cohesion between the two platforms. Anyone who would argue with me, did you watch the Keynote? This is what Apple is all about. They’ve really smoothed this over. Instead of abandoning the idea, or just simply calling it “good enough” like any other company would do, they kept thinking and kept hammering away to get the wrinkles out. This is such a nice update for both platfoms. All the more reason to keep an iMac on my desk and an iPhone in my pocket.

  36. Tad (@Tadtv) says:

    Can’t wait for OS X YellowStone where the dock is all grey and just shapes- square, circle, octogon, etc. Oh crap. More of this direction. Such ugly flat icons. There goes my Mac. Now that it looks just like a Windows PC and does about the same stuff basically, what idiot would pay $2600 for a laptop like I just did when you can get a Windows for $500. Sorry Apple you are losing me sooooooo fast. Love those Kindergarten designers.

  37. That dock is hideous…. and the iOS7-like design is a huge let down. While Mavericks was beautiful, and had an amazing graphical interface, icons, etc, this just looks like a huge step backward. My though about Mac OS being the most beautiful and best operating system is about to change. This is the direction that post-Jobs Apple is headed…senseless design with no depth. Such a shame.

  38. Anyone find that maximize in Safari now full screens the app? Why did they do this? I rarely use fullscreen, and never in a browser. I hope the final release gives us a way to change this back!

  39. I’m playing around with the new os x now ( not a developer ) and playing with iOS 8 on my iPhone 5 and so far I’m loving them lets not make this another hate thing like for example windows 8 i love that to so don’t complain you can get rid of the transparent bar anyway

  40. It’s ugly as sh*t. Apple is turning their OSes into kid stuff, girlie stuff. Into crap. I’m not going to meetings with that thing in my Mac.

  41. where do i find my iPhoto in OS X 10.10 yosemite

  42. Installed just couple of hours ago, decided to hide the dock…. SURPRISE to get a bigger working area.. lol…

  43. Fakeer says:

    This is the ugliest OS UI I’ve seen in recent times. I mean is it some kind of twisted humour from Apple or they really think (and more worryingly convinced) that it’s a better UI. For god’s sake, Sir Ivy needs to be shown the door for design’s sake!

    • At first glance, yes, it does look worse than what we have now. Also they copied the “Aero theme” from Windows Vista (from 2006) which is quite nice really, so am looking forward to that part.
      But the change to more and more iOS7 style I really don’t like at all!

      But lets give it a chance and see how it goes? Perhaps after a while it will grow on you :)