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Apple has updated its Investor Relations website with a modern design. The site features the clean lines and thin fonts now standard with Apple’s new design direction. The homepage of the portal currently features the Istanbul Apple Store, but otherwise the site seems the same in terms of content.

The visual redesign is a massive shift for the investor site, which felt largely abandoned until today. The site now shows off Apple’s stock price with a large chart, in the iOS 7 ‘flat’ style.

Amusingly, as with the rest of Apple’s website, the main navigation toolbar along the top of the page sticks out as old-fashioned, retaining its glossy appearance.

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10 Responses to “Apple modernizes its investor relations site, with thin fonts and flat icons”

  1. Incredible how everything that gets “modern” get thin fonts except the iPhone. OS X 10.10 also has thin fonts and it looks awesome. iOS 8 continues getting thicker fonts and thats incredibly ugly. Its flagship product keep getting uglier…


  2. Apple has characterised by taking concrete actions in favor of cleaner environment, good labor practices and relationship (non other company has been audited by independent labor groups) and finally customer service. Now a more transparent financial information. This should also be copied by the competition,


  3. rogifan says:

    When is Apple going to modernize the navigation bar on their website? That dark gray bar doesn’t mesh with the rest of Apple’s new look.


  4. rogifan says:

    When I pulled up the leadership team on this site Tim Cook is listed as COO. Whoops…


  5. I remember when they updated the navigation bar a few years ago from brushed aluminum to glossy black. It speculated rumors of liquid metal MacBook Pros.




  7. What I’d like to know is where that Apple Store (is that an Apple Store?) is.