After a long build up, Apple’s first Eastern Europe/Asia Minor store opened up today in Istanbul at the Zorlu Center. As with some other flagship stores, it is mostly subterranean with a glass upward protrusion. This one has four large panes of glass covered by a white roof with a darker Apple logo surrounded by a fountain as pictured below.

zorlu_center_first_view_big Image via ifoAppleStore

Apple yesterday held a press event attended by one of the Apple Store leads Steve Cano. Tim Cook took to Twitter to announce the opening:

More images and videos below:

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3 Responses to “First Apple Store opens to public in Turkey”

  1. rottenbittenfruit says:

    I suppose Apple’s critics will claim this was a poor turnout as supposedly fewer and fewer consumers are buying Apple products. Or the critics will say those consumers only turned out for the free T-shirts.


  2. Pitiful turnout. You could have done better by opening the first Apple Store in Montana.


  3. krauskarl says:

    Looking at the 3rd image from the top which shows a large group of people in a contained open air space circumambulating about an abstract cubic object.

    Especially in a predominantly muslim country like Turkey, does this strike anyone else like a rather (perhaps blasphemous?) secular analog to the Masjid al-Haram with this new Apple store playing the role of the Kaaba?