A Turkish government website reporting on Tim Cook’s meeting with President Abdullah Gül says that the country’s first Apple Store will open in Istanbul in April. Istanbul, which uniquely straddles Europe and Asia, is one of the largest cities in the world by population with over 14 million residents.

In addition to a rumored $4 billion plan to put iPads into Turkish schools, it was said that the two discussed the amount of sales taxes levied on iPhones and iPads and when Apple might include Turkish in the languages supported by Siri with at least some suggesting that the two issues might be linked …

The President reportedly also said to Cook that he would like to see Apple investing in local R&D projects in the country.

As of last month, Apple had 432 retail stores across 14 countries, generating total sales of $16B. Within the USA, and likely elsewhere, they are the most profitable retail stores in the country in terms of sales per square foot of floorspace.

Update: We’ve been pointed to some photos of the Istanbul store under construction:

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3 Responses to “First Apple Store in Turkey to open in Istanbul in April, government requests R&D and Siri improvements”

  1. Cook goes to such a high profile meeting with paper and a pen, while whoever sits next to him seems to have a MacBook Air. Odd?


  2. BTW… I am just messing around. I love Tim Cook!