A brand new app created by three 2013 WWDC student scholarship winners— Nick Frey, Chris Galzerano, and Veeral Patel—launched on the App Store earlier this month. The app is called Audibly, and it allows users to stream music from one device to any others nearby. The music plays in sync across all devices, allowing everyone to listen in on the same playlist.

The app is fairly straightfoward. You simply pick a playlist to share, pair with a few nearby iOS devices, and hit play. The connection is made over Wi-Fi when there’s a network available, or through a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connection if the devices aren’t connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

From the app’s interface, you can control the volume of each individual device that’s connected and adjust the pitch and other effects. Users can also mark specific songs as a favorite to go back to that song later.

Audibly is available completely free on the App Store.

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4 Responses to “New app Audibly lets you share your music wirelessly to nearby iOS devices”

  1. Paul Manning says:

    Cool they are using a mesh network for this!

    There are others out there doing similar like Samsung’s Group Play & the web app, SpeakerBlast.

    With the latter (SpeakerBlast) you can sync 100s to 1,000s of devices all via a URL; no download. Protest or massive flash mob anyone?


  2. Dave Taylor says:

    Awesome, now we need spotify support. Cross platform support would be nice too.


  3. David Comidi says:

    Way do we need to share the same song in other device at the same time ???


  4. Hi, they are actually 2014 scholarship winners.