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The New York Times has published a new report that largely reaffirms what countless observers have said before. In comparison to Jobs, Cook is less connected to the “minutiae” of product development, instead preferring to delegate to his other executives to lead design. This does not mean Cook is not involved at all. Interestingly, the profile says Cook himself pushed the iPad mini project to release.

Mr. Cook “thought the world would love a smaller and less expensive tablet,” said Robert A. Iger, the chief executive of Disney and a member of Apple’s board. It was a product that Mr. Jobs thought did not have a market, he said.

Although Cook declined comment in the report, Jony Ive was interviewed. Apple’s SVP of Design insisted that Apple is much the same as before, reiterating statements he has made before.

Jonathan Ive, the head of design at Apple and a name nearly as adored by its followers as Steve Jobs, says Mr. Cook has not neglected the company’s central mission: innovation. “Honestly, I don’t think anything’s changed,” he said. And that includes the clamor for some exciting new thing. “People felt exactly the same way when we were working on the iPhone,” Mr. Ive added.

Whether because it is the truth or the company PR line, Ive’s stance mirrors Cue’s, who recently said ‘there was never a reset’ when Jobs died.

If Mr. Jobs was maniacal about design, Mr. Cook projects “quiet consideration,” Mr. Ive said. Mr. Cook digests things carefully, with time, which Mr. Ive said “testifies to the fact he knows it’s important.”

Unsurprisingly, the profile also touches on the state of the iWatch. Light on details, the report says the watch is expected to launch in the fourth quarter. Cook is said to be particularly interested in the health and fitness aspects of the watch.

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7 Responses to “Ive says ‘I don’t think anything changed’ in new report on Cook’s leadership”

  1. “We” are also very interested in the health and fitness aspects of the watch.

    The ability to keep a closer eye on (some of) my basic health stats -which now I have to do a blood test to check, and I don’t bother very often- is something very enticing and useful. Not only for me, a man in my mid-30s, but to many younger people who will suddenly have an easy opportunity to become more self-health-aware without much fuss.

    However, one point I hope Apple takes into account:
    Many people -including me- like to take off their watch as soon as they arrive home and especially when they sleep. I hope that whatever they release does not require you to wear it all the time in order to do its job the way it was designed.


  2. tonyadams669 says:

    You better to respect Jony’s Knighthood. He is now being called Sir. Ive or Sir. Jonathan Ive therefore he is no longer being called Mr.


  3. Jim Phong says:

    Ive with Jobs couldn’t manage doing the nonsense mess Tim Cook has allowed him to do now.


  4. valanchan says:

    Jobs seemed let his managers manage while he looked on and dived deep when he wanted. Cook seems to have a similar stance; let the products guys produce.