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T-Mobile has just announced at its “Uncarrier 5.0″ event (which apparently double as the Uncarrier 6.0 event) that all streaming music services will now be free to stream on T-Mobile, including iTunes Radio. This also applies to Pandora, iHeartRadio, Slacker Radio, and Spotify.

Any streaming you do will always be done over the company’s fastest available network, and won’t count towards your high-speed data limit.

Customers can visit T-Mobile’s website to request new services to be added to the “music freedom” selection. As streaming services gain votes, they will be added to the program.

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13 Responses to “iTunes Radio streaming is now free on T-Mobile, other services also included”

  1. Calvin Liang says:

    Isn’t iTuns Radio always free?


  2. Saad Akhtar says:

    That’s insane!


  3. And this is when I start disliking Australia’s carrier choices…


  4. madman8 says:

    Will iTunes Match be counted as a music streaming service?


  5. while some carriers are raising prices, nice to see the “little guys” playing hard ball and offering more and more. Makes me want to look into T-Mobile again.


  6. I really wish T-Mobile had decent coverage in my area. They only have 2G here :(


  7. RK Soni says:

    Somewhat disappoined for non Simple choice customers, they have to pay $48 a year while Simple choice customers will enjoy music free, Mr Legere has really surprised music lovers by uncarrier 6.0 …………………………


  8. James Kuang says:

    Wonder if this applies to iPads with T-Mobile on their free 200MB/month plan


  9. striatic says:

    Does this or will this run afoul of any FCC Net Neutrality provisions?