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Apple has released another beta of the upcoming 10.9.4 release of its OS X operating system to developers. The new beta has a build number of 13E19. For now the update is only available through Software Update on 10.9.4 systems, but it’s expected to hit the developer center soon.

The previous build, 13E16, was released on June 11th along with pre-release versions of OS X Server 3.2 and Safari 6.1.5. The seed notes for this version aren’t online yet, but we’ll update this post when they become available.

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8 Responses to “Apple pushes OS X 10.9.4 beta build 13E19 to developers”

  1. Gabriel Pop says:

    doesn’t work well at all…plenty of bugs…doesn’t recognise ethernet driver, viewing in some windows is horrible, menus are horrible, iMessage settings almost none…and so on…..


  2. ikir says:

    Any changes in OS X server? :)


  3. Just another data point — no problems at all, running MacBook Pro (retina), late 2012.
    Mr. Pop’s comments seem strange; speaking for myself only, windows appear the same,
    Messages settings/prefs/behavior the same as 10.9.3. Dunno about Ethernet — I may
    be old-fashioned, but my computers are “wireless”. So I guess in this crowd,
    it’s at least 50% good — would someone care to break the tie? (Agreed this is a
    minor release.)


    • Ignore Gabriel Pop, he is a troll – posting nonsense posts to get a rise out of contributors here and thank goodness no one has taken the bait.

      It is good that Apple is working on updates right up to the release of Yosemite although I do think there is a limited number of fixes one can do before it ends up being more than just a fix – just thinking of the SMB bugs and wondering whether a good portion are the result of having to give the stack some TLC beyond just some patches.


  4. Joel Cornett says:

    It’s working great for me. I haven’t even noticed any changes in anything…