Google’s response to Apple’s WWDC kicks off today with the opening keynote address at the Google I/O conference and, like Apple, this time around Google gave a full preview of the next version of Android ahead of a fall release. Android “L” (we’re assuming a dessert name will be decided on later) introduces a completely new design language as well as major enhancements for battery life, a new Android Runtime to replace Dalvik, and integration with its Android Wear platform. We also got a look at its answer to CarPlay and Apple TV: Android Auto and an accompanying SDK for developers and a revamped ‘Android TV’ platform. Also new is the Android One program to help get devices into emerging markets and a Continuity like feature for Chromebooks and Android devices.

Google’s Sundar Pichai, who had some words about Tim Cook recently, also shared some numbers on Android that appeared to be in response to Cook’s comment at WWDC regarding Android switchers and the platform’s security. Google claimed it now has 1 billion 30-day active users and also shared that it’s now at 62% of the overall tablet market. That market is based on shipments, however, so to drive the point home Google gave us a number on usage: 42% of YouTube usage on tablets is Android. He also made reference to the fact that Android had many of the features that Apple just introduced– widgets, third-party keyboards– as far back as 2009. 

Head below for a roundup of all the news from 9to5Google:

Google announces Android ‘L’ with ‘Material Design’, developer preview coming soon

Google announces Android One program to create high quality, affordable smartphones in developing markets

Numbers from Google I/O: Over 1 billion 30 day active users, 62% of overall tablet market

Android “L” will include Factory Reset Protection (kill switch) and Universal Data Controls (privacy) to enhance security

Google announces Android Auto connected car platform

Google announces over 300 million active mobile web users

Google announces Project Volta & Battery Saver to vastly improve battery life on Android

“L” version of Android to drop Dalvik, introduce new Android Runtime with better performance, graphics

Android TV: Google’s next foray into the living room announced

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25 Responses to “Google previews completely redesigned Android “L”, Android TV, ‘Android Auto’ CarPlay competitor, & more at I/O”

  1. 1 billion users, wow, sounds impressive. How many of them will be able to upgrade to this new version?


  2. axecop says:

    We already know that Android white box tablets are simply for viewing media. Pretty hilarious to tout those as some magic stat…


  3. kyle3lias says:

    I dislike Google every day a bit more.


  4. not even 14 % can get New version of android …


  5. I’m an Apple & Google user. I temper my usage of Google products because I don’t like the idea of my “stats” being used for… Well… Advertising, various metrics, and I’m sure a ton of other stuff that they don’t tell you about. Google isn’t doing anything for free. So the question has to be, “Why?” The “why” is advertising and money collected from data that they can sell to advertisers. Or should I say, data that they can show advertisers to entice them to advertise with various Google properties. Now Google will actively use what you watch, listen to, analyze the location of where your pictures were taken (sell that info to vacation companies) and scan your documents. One day someone will get a warrant to search your “Unlimited” Google drive for anti-government propaganda.

    Yeah… I thought Facebook was becoming the Skynet of the future. Now I’m thinking Google and Facebook might be in a race for that title.


    • Google is a true competitor for your last line.

      Seriously, I was flabbergasted seeing “Users switch on their phone x times a day, takes y pictures per day, look up their emails z times a day”… They’re not even ashamed of it!


      • thejuanald says:

        You do know Apple tracks lots of stats like this as well, right?


      • Yes. At the same level I don’t know, but sure.
        However, Apple’s PR doesn’t show “x selfies per day” next to a phone showing actual people’s pictures.

        I’m sure the pictures are taken from public Internet, or maybe they’re from their own employees. That’s not the problem. The problem is the poor image of themselves they’re showing.
        When you saw that presentation, you’re clearly aware they analyze your whole daily usage, and not necessarily for the best.


      • Avenged110 says:

        Except whatever stats Apple takes are another form of R&D to influence future products. Google just does to sell it for advertising purposes.


      • milindrao says:

        What is there to be ashamed? I have no problem with them using my data to provide targeted ads. Google is the only place I don’t turn off ads. Go to many websites and you will see annoying flashing ads or irrelevant ads. Google’s ads are actually useful.

        On Android especially, Google Now uses that information to give me very useful contextual information. It parses through my mail and let’s me know the time oft flight. It knows where I am and the traffic to the airport and notifies me when I should leave. Gives me a card packages being delivered so I can track them without having me dig through my mail. And all this is opt-in.

        Potential for abuse? Sure. But they are obviously aware that if they lose trust, they will lose users. The people who find it creepy (and it certainly comes close) will move away from Google. The vast majority of us find it incredibly useful.


  6. It’s funny, everyone says that Apple lack of innovation, but I’m seeing a copy with Google logos of Apple CarPlay.


    • You’re right. It was amusing to me to see “redesigned” Android (iOS redesign last year), Android TV (huge things to happen to Apple TV are rumoured) and Android Auto (do I need to say more?). They just don’t know what to do and they definitely can’t make that right. Apple will show them once again.


  7. By the way, x% of users from Fortune 100 have chosen Google.
    Yeah, Google. Not especially Android or anything, Google.


  8. scumbolt2014 says:

    Where’s the Android Android Skynet?


  9. herb02135go says:

    If you want to see the feature Apple will have next season just look at Samsung today.

    Clearly the fanboys are scared.


  10. standardpull says:

    All this but the still struggle with understanding Do Not Track. It’s too hard for them to figure out if they should support user privacy wishes or sell that private data to the highest anonymous bidder.


    • milindrao says:

      Google does not sell your data to anyone. They sell ads which they deliver from a pool of ads targeting what they believe will be of interest to you. Any data that they share with others is anonymized and rolled up.


  11. andreww500 says:

    As a huge Apple fan, I hate to say it but Android Auto seems better than CarPlay, Android TV better than Apple TV and some design elements of L look better than iOS 8. Lets just hope there are some exciting things to be announced in the coming months. The Moto 360 looks fantastic but Android Wear looks pretty unintuitive and still pretty useless. Looking forward to see Apple do it right.